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Make Fast Rhythm Subtitle Animation Video with AE template

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Use this title animation maker and take your business to the next level

According to stats, videos consume 80% of online traffic. What do these statistics mean to a business owner or marketer? It means that video marketing should be embraced or else, you may lose a lot of opportunities in the digital sphere.

Did you know that brands that use video marketing increase their revenue 50% more than brands that don't? Besides, people find videos more engaging that's why a person can easily purchase a product after watching a video. Creating a video is the way to go when you want to pass your message across quickly, make it impactful and memorable.

Creating a video with subtitle animation is one of the effective ways of reaching a bigger audience, engaging them, and getting them to understand more about your video. For example, with the above video template, you can create a super-fast rhythm subtitle animation video. All you have to do is insert up to 4 video clips, 22 text lines, and a logo image into the template. The total video duration is 21 seconds.

Create a stunning subtitle animation on a budget

Most studio-quality videos are costly; however, you can spend less and get more value with this subtitle maker. It's free to get started; however, you'll have to pay once your video is ready and you want to download it. The beauty of this template is that you can create your video in minutes.

With this title animation maker, you can create an engaging video by bringing your text to life. An added advantage of this video template is that it's user-friendly, and anyone with zero video editing experience can confidently use it. Imagine creating a video in your unique way? This template allows you to customize your video by creatively using different transitions to display your text.

No other content type can overpower a video when you want to share a message quickly and effectively. Animated texts are an excellent way to spice things up on your YouTube channel and other social media platforms. With this template, you can engage your audience by designing a beautiful animated text video that significantly improves your viewers' experience.

Make a subtitle animation video with these simple steps

Sign up

As a video production company, we've created several video templates that are easily accessible; however, you must have an account with us. Once you sign up, you have to log in to your account on our website to access the template.

Insert your text, and video clips

When creating your video, the first thing is to insert your video clips, then add text and select your preferred font from the font feature. It's vital to be consistent with your font choice from clip to clip to avoid distracting the viewers. Lastly, consider double-checking your spelling and grammar to make sure your video looks professional.

Insert your logo and brand colors

Adding a logo, website address, and social media handles is essential since viewers can get more information about your brand. The template has a color feature that gives you options to select a shade that matches your brand. Lastly, you can choose a soundtrack for your video by picking one of our audio tracks or uploading your own.

Try your best to match the vibe and tone of your video to the music you use. Once done with this process, you can play a preview, and if you like it, you can save and download it. You can also download the video in various sizes and formats to share on different social media platforms.


















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