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Make Stacked Parallax Image Dynamic Rhythm Title Video Online

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How to upgrade your logo and text? Try this YouTube video title generator!


You saw a video, clicked it! What compelled you - was it the preview or title? Maybe the latter or both. It’s imperative to give your videos catchy, creative titles, or they won’t get discovered.


Yes, your video might get discovered by chance, but this is rarely the case; you’ll fail before you even begin. So let’s be intentional and practical: use our online title video maker to craft attractive, clickable headlines that drive search results, shares, and traffic. Do you want to learn how to do it with zero technical knowledge?


Try our customizable Stacked Parallax After Effects template. It can generate a well-optimized 21 seconds video for your project in minutes. Get immediate results. Just upload a branded logo (1 image), text (23 lines), music, and video clips or photos (22) to get started.


Give your bland titles depth with a Parallax slideshow!


The motion parallax effect slows down background images to give the illusion of three-dimensional viewing. Although it’s not technically 2D or 3D imagery, it creates a mirage that mimics both. With our advanced video title maker, you can easily design custom stylized text that adds value to your content.


Our richly animated AE template is complete with professionally doctored compositions that you can quickly modify to suit your project. Its robust built-in title animator allows you to create a spectacle with moving graphics. Have you ever seen crawling and rolling titles? You heard me right. Mmm, maybe you want to think about that for a minute.


Whether you prefer simple text designs or tastefully artistic ones, your job is easier when you use a prebuilt AE template. With it, adding stylish text, transitions, and animations is not as intimidating as manual edits. What’s more, it features on-screen hints to help you navigate better.


Why is a video title maker a good investment?


Not sure if a YouTube video title generator is right for you? Let me explain a few things you should know about automating video editing. It's time-saving, speeds up processing, cost less and requires minimal monitoring. You can animate your brand logo and assign it as your video title quickly.


Enhance your footage with interactive layered animation and crisp motion graphics. You’ll do a splendid job, even if you can’t confidently use video editors like Final Cut or Premiere Pro. An editable After Effects file has a comprehensive toolkit that lets you produce videos like any skilled designer. With it, you can forge complex shapes, metallic titles, edit background images, and more.


Would you like to do similar text expressions to the fast flash title animation in the sample video? Fret not; we have what you need! Give your scenes a dynamic rhythm and pace to deliver an emotionally charged story that moves your audience.


Learn to do next-level typography and text animation without training


As I explained earlier, working with a ready-to-use AE template simplifies the art of manipulating text elements and video graphics. The thing about using this technique is that it makes any standard logo look extraordinary. If you can’t manually keyframe these effects yourself, try a professional After Effects template.


Want to use lower-third animations? There are presets you can apply to give it a dynamic look. Step away from dull static text and opt for moving graphics. Combine this with a layered animated background and see the difference.


Our video rendering engine is automatic and precise. It’s an ideal asset if you’re a business looking to increase ROI and product value. Not convinced this solution is for you? I’m sure you’ll be singing a different tune after you edit your first video. Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription and be the first to sample new templates.

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