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Frequently Answered Questions

1: Is it a free service? What is the price?

We are not a free service. But it is free to create and download a low-resolution version of your video with a watermark. This free video is produced in awful quality on purpose, so it is useless for anything but testing.

We only ask for payment if you decide to produce the Full HD video.

Please read our pricing page.

The price displayed for each template (Visible only after login) is a one-time payment for 1 Full HD video. After the HD video has been produced, you can change the video, but we will charge for producing a new HD video. The amount charged depends on how much the video was altered. Changing 10% will cost 10% of the original price for a new Full HD video.

If you made a mistake or uploaded graphics with bad quality, we will let you make the corrections and create a new Full HD video free of charge. Go to Your Videos, press "Edit & Produce" next to the completed video, and edit the graphics. After a new free video is ready, contact us, and we will produce the Full HD video without extra charge.

We also have an unlimited video subscription where all videos in Full HD will be free, and users will get early access to new templates. Please read our pricing page.

All music from our library is royalty-free and comes with a license for commercial use. Notice that some templates will come with default music that is not from our library (we write this on the "Change Music" tool), though, for the newer templates, we do have a license to use the music even though they are not on our library.

2: How to create a video?

Watch the Tutorial Video


Detailed step-by-step instructions

These are the steps you need to go through:

1. Pick a video template that you like.
2. Upload your photos, video clips, and text via our web interface.
3. Choose a music track from our collection or upload your music file.
4. Request a preview video to check that the video is correct before final production.
5. Request the production of the final video in the best quality, without a watermark.

We recommend using our website from a PC or laptop.

Start by picking a video template. We have over 3000 templates divided into several themes and niches. Most require you to upload pictures or video clips, while others only require you to send us a logo image and a single line of text.

To find a suitable template, use the search box by entering an English word or browse the template categories using the links in the menu.

When you have decided which video template to use, click the "Press Here to Create a Video" button on the template page. You will see the sign-in page. If you can, use your Google account to sign in. Otherwise, register a new account.

After you sign in, a new video project will be created, and the "Video Production Dashboard" page will be visible. There, you can customize and produce your video.

In the Video Production Dashboard, press "Edit Graphics" to customize the template with your pictures, text, or video clips. The template is divided into one or more parts. A Part is a customizable template area containing only one image or video, text, color options, or a mix. If several photos or videos are on the same slide, they can be set on the following or previous parts.

Remember to read the various bits of help text. They are marked with a purple arrow or yellow text.

If the part contains an image or video clip, replace it with your own photo or video clip by pressing the "Insert Picture or Video" button. If the image you are uploading is a logo, set the two green crop boxes around the image to remove empty spaces. Otherwise, your logo will appear smaller than it should.

Every time you change a part, press "Save and Update" and check that the preview picture created is correct. Repeat this for all the parts you want to modify. When you are done, press the "Dashboard" button or click anywhere outside the panel. That's it. You have now completed most of the work.

If you are not interested in the whole video, customize the parts you need, then produce and download the video. Then, use video editing software such as Canva.com to cut out the parts you don't need.

If you want to change the default music track, press "Change Music". You can upload a music file or select a music track from our collection. You can also change the music after the video has been created. This way, it will be easier to pick the right music track.

The last step is the actual video production. You start by requesting the production of a free preview video. Our system will then begin to generate a small, low-quality video. It will be ready within a few minutes.

The purpose of the preview video is for you to check that the video is how you want it to be and free from errors. If anything needs to be changed, go back and edit the template. The preview video is in low resolution, and some details might not be evident. In that case, you should trust the preview images you saw while editing the graphics.

When the preview video is 100% correct, request the production of the Full HD video. If you are a subscriber, we will start generating the video free of charge; otherwise, we will ask for payment. It may take up to 30 minutes to create the video. But usually, it's done within 15 minutes.

When the Full HD video is ready, you can change the music free of charge. You'll also be able to download the video in various sizes for sharing on YouTube and Facebook or embed it on your webpage.

For an overview of all your video projects, press "Your Videos" on the top menu. There, you can open existing video projects for customization and production. You can always edit your video projects by pressing "Edit & Produce" next to the project.

That's it! We hope you will make good use of this service.

3: Can I change my video after the Full HD video has been produced?

Yes. You can always edit your video projects. Go to Your Videos, and press 'Edit and Produce' next to your video project.

If you do not have an unlimited video subscription, we will ask for payment for producing a new Full HD video. The amount charged depends on how much the video was changed. If you only changed the video 10%, we will charge 10% of the original price.

If you made a mistake or you uploaded graphics with bad quality, we will let you make the corrections and create a new Full HD video free of charge. Go to Your Videos, press "Edit & Produce" next to the completed video, and edit the graphics. After a new free video is ready, contact us, and we will send you a coupon code so the Full HD video can be created for free.

Please read our pricing page.

4: How does the unlimited subscription work?

When you purchase the unlimited subscription, you will be able to create all the videos you want, with any of our templates, in the best quality, without a watermark. There is no obligation to renew the subscription, but it will renew automatically if you do not cancel.

You can cancel the subscription any time before renewal on the Subscription page; No need to wait until the last day because when you cancel, all you are doing is ending the renewal. The subscription will still continue until the end of the period you paid for.

Information on how to cancel is also written in your receipt email. If you can't figure out how to cancel by yourself, you can always contact us and request the cancelation.

5: Can I remove slides, add slides or cut the video?

Yes, but not via our editing tool on the website. You can download the mp4 video and edit it further with another video editing program. This is easy to do with any video editor.

Because great video editors exist for free such as Davinci Resolve (Do not use their cloud version), we prefer spending all our time adding great templates than programming a better video editor. 

Cut videos

To cut parts of the video that you do not need, we recommend this online tool:


You can also use Canva.com for this task.

You can also use the free video editor Davinci Resolve. Do not use their cloud version. Press the "Free Download" button on the following page:


Learn how to cut video using Davinci Resolve:


Join several videos into one

If the template you picked has too few placeholders for your images, create videos with the template and use Davinci Resolve to combine several videos. Here are a few tutorial videos on how to do that:


You can also use Canva.com for this task.

6: How to convert a horizontal video to a vertical format for Instagram or TikTok?

If you want a vertical video, you should create your video based on one of our vertical templates:


If you purchased a subscription with us, you can contact us and request that we create a vertical version of a specific horizontal template you need. If possible, we'll do it, and you will be able to create a vertical video of that same template.

Convert to Vertical Format

Our templates were handmade by various artists and followed no specific structure. This makes it impossible to automatically convert a 1920 x 1080 video to 1080 x 1920. Our system cannot move the video graphics around to generate the extra height and reduce the width. However, the following workaround solutions might help you out.

Convert a horizontal video to a vertical format by using one of these templates:


You can also use the free video editor at Canva.com to accomplish this. Select the appropriate video template, drag your video to the canvas, and then download the new video. For a vertical video, use this Canva template.

To avoid cutting the sides of your video, drag the video to Canva, shrink it down, and place it in the middle of the canvas. Then, add some text on top and bottom. This way, your video will play in the middle without being cut, and there will be some helpful information above and below the video, like in this example: https://vcdn.makewebvideo.com/book.mp4.

Convert to Square Format

For a square video, use this Canva template.

A helpful technique to avoid cutting when converting from horizontal to vertical format is to put your video on top of each other, like in this example: https://vcdn.makewebvideo.com/vertical.mp4.

7: Why is my credit card or debit card not being accepted?

The most common reason for failed card payments is your bank does not allow international transactions. Please get in touch with your bank to enable international transactions.

Alternatively, you can pay with PayPal. Install the Paypal App and make a deposit there. Then, when you request the Full HD video, press the "Pay with Paypal" link on our payment page.

You can also contact us to send cryptocurrency USDT.

8: Can I use Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, or Urdu (Right to left) languages in the video?

Yes, but before inserting the text on the template, you must reverse the text using a tool:

For Arabic text, use this tool.

For Persian text, use this tool.

For Hebrew, use this tool.

9: Can I pay with Paypal?

Yes. In the payment page, you'll see a link for paying with Paypal.

10: Can I pay with Cryptocurrency?

Yes, we accept USDT (TRC-20) and other currencies. Please contact us so we can decide on which currency to use.

11: Can I change the speed of the video?

Yes. In Step 3, "Produce Video", there is a drop-down box for setting the 'Stretch' value. For example, setting this value to 30% will make the video 30% longer. A negative value will make the video faster.

12: How can I be sure the video quality will be good?

When editing the graphics, you'll see preview images in HD. These images show how the video will look like. If these images look good, the Full HD video will be even better. For the best quality, make sure to follow the recommended image/video size displayed below the 'Insert Picture Or Video' button.

13: How to display my logo without a background?

If your logo image has a background, use this tool to remove it:


The result will be an image in PNG format with a transparent background.

14: Why I can't insert text or images any place I want?

All templates have a fixed design, with fixed places for text and images/videos. The places where customization is allowed are called Parts. Not all Parts let you upload images/videos. Some parts are only for text.

If the part allows an image/video to be uploaded, you'll see an upload button. So, each template has a different design with different fixed places for text or images/videos. Anywhere there is an image, you can also insert a video.

As a subscriber to our monthly subscription, you also get the right to request us to add new templates of a particular style or theme. We'll do our best to get it done fast.

15: Can I download the video and host it myself?

Yes. You can download the video file in various sizes and formats and host it yourself or upload it to Vimeo, Youtube, and Facebook.

16: How to solve a music copyright problem on Facebook or Instagram?

Sometimes, when uploading your video to Facebook or Instagram, you will get a copyright notice, and the video might be blocked. When this happens, we recommend that you use music from the Facebook Sound Collection:


You can download the Wav file and upload it to your video project by going to the page Your Videos and pressing "Change Music" next to the completed project. It is free to change the music.

Before changing the music, you can try to dispute the copyright. In most cases, you will succeed.

Notice that we have a music license for all the music in our collection. The default music for all the new templates added to the website in the past year is not from our collection; we also have the license for these. You can request the license by contacting us.

17: When I upload to Youtube, ads show up on the video, why?

Youtube will sometimes mistakenly think that the audio in the video is used without permission. When that happens, you have to fill out a dispute form on Youtube, saying that you have the right to use the audio.

All music tracks in our collection can be used royalty-free, you just need to tell that to Youtube via a form they provide, and the ads will be removed. In their form, choose "I have a license or permission from the proper rights holder to use this material."

It is free to change the music on our website on the page "Your Videos".

18: When I purchase the video, will your name be on it?

No. The Full HD video will not have any watermarks.

19: Can I continue editing my video later?

Yes, your video project is saved automatically. To continue working on a video, go to the page Your Videos, and press 'Edit and Produce' next to your video project.

20: Can I add voice-over to my video?

Yes, you can create the voice-over yourself and upload the mp3 file in the 'Change Music' step.

21: Can you make the video for me?

No. With us, you have to make the video yourself using our website. We can help, but we won't make the video for you.

If you cannot find a suitable template, contact us, and we will find a new one. We'll send you a few options to choose from. Then in a couple of days, we'll add the one you've selected to the platform so you can create the video based on it.

22: Can you make a custom video?

No, but if you want a low-cost video, you should try making the video yourself via our online tool. If you need to cut the video or rearrange the slides, you can download the mp4 file and edit it further in another video editing program.

If you cannot find a suitable template, contact us and we will find a new one for you. We'll send you a few options to choose from, then in a few days, we'll add the one you've chosen to the platform so you can create the video based on it.

23: Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. If you will not be happy with the HD video you purchased, and we fail to satisfy you after a second attempt, we will refund your money 100%.

Notice that if you download the HD video, you will lose this right, and we won't refund you. So watch the HD video on our website and only download it if you are happy.

Subscriptions are not refundable. You can cancel the subscription before the renewal date by sending us an email or by doing it yourself from the Subscription page.

24: How often you add new templates?

We try to add new templates every day. How many templates we add depends on how busy we are, but it is a high priority for us to add as many templates as possible.

If you cannot find a suitable template, contact us and we'll find a new one for you. We'll send you a few options to choose from, then, within a couple of days, we'll add the one you picked to the platform so you can create the video based on it.

25: For how long will my video be hosted?

Completed video projects will be hosted indefinitely. Uncompleted projects will be deleted after a few months.

26: Can I change the duration of individual slides?

On our online editing tool, you can only change the speed/duration of the whole video. You do that in step 3, "Produce Video".

27: Can I download the video with transparent background?

No, we are working on this. But you can easily remove the black or green background with the free video editor "Davinci Resolve". Do not use their cloud version. Press the "Free Download" button on the following page:


Here are a few tutorial videos to help you:




You can also use Canva.com to remove the video background on their premium plan. After dragging your video to the canvas, press the "Edit Video" button, and you'll see the feature to remove the background.

28: How to upload video files bigger than 100 MB?

100MB is enough for over 5 minutes of video if you convert it to mp4 using the default parameters, so uploading video files larger than 100MB is unnecessary.

You can convert the video to mp4 using this tool:


You can also use the canva.com website or the free video editor Davincy Resolve to cut the video into smaller pieces. If you decide to use Davincy Resolve, download the free version and do not use the cloud version.

29: Why should I use your service and not the competition?

We are the first company in the world to automate the production of videos based on Adobe After Effects templates and let anyone easily create professional-quality videos from within a web browser.

No human labor is involved when you create a video on our website. It's all done by our software system. This lets us have the lowest price in the industry and the fastest turnover time.

You also get to use our stock footage library free of charge. It contains hundreds of the best stock footage available, each costing $40 if you have to purchase them separately. With us, you get to use this professional footage free of charge.

Our team is based in countries where labor costs are among the lowest in the world and the workers are highly educated. This allows us to offer custom videos at very competitive prices.

If you cannot find a suitable template on our platform, you can contact us, and we'll find a new one for you. We'll send you a few options to choose from; then, within a couple of days, we will add the one you picked to the platform so you can create the video based on it.

We try to get work done at the lowest cost possible while keeping professional quality. Try making your business promo video with us, and you won't be disappointed.

30: Can we make adjustments to the graphics in the templates?

Yes, on our online video editor you can change all text, images, video clips, colors, and music.

31: How can I make my logo stand out against the background?

Go to canva.com and add a border effect around your logo. Here is a tutorial video on how to do it:


Remember to save the image in the PNG format with a transparent background. You can also use Canva to remove the background.

32: How can I download my video faster?

You'll see 3 links pointing directly to the video at the top of the Download page. To download the video, right-click the link and select "Save As". In some countries, this can be slow. Do this to improve the download speed:

Click on the link so it opens on another browser window. Edit the address bar to remove the "s" from "https" and remove the "vdn". Example:




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