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Make Movie Trailer Video with Images and Subtitles - AE template

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Create an epic movie trailer video based on the AE template

Do you want to learn how to make your epic movie trailer? With this template, you can make a professional trailer video even if you're not a video editor. One of the easiest ways to make a trailer video is to use the online readymade trailer maker from makewebvideo.com.

Okay, I know what you're thinking: how do I create a video using this template? It's simple; you need to insert up to 12 video clips, 29 text lines, and a logo image. Please note that the total video duration shouldn't exceed 1 minute and 48 seconds.

It's crucial to note that creating an attractive trailer video is an important marketing tool for any professional or beginner filmmaker. It's the trailer video that gets the viewers hooked on a movie they haven't watched yet. The best trailers are usually short and effective since they're memorable and make you want to watch the whole film.

How can I create a killer trailer video without spending much?

Most people usually think that creating a trailer video is complicated and expensive. That only happens if you employ a professional video editor to do the job for you because you'll have to pay thousands of dollars. However, if you use this video template, our prices are very affordable, and the good thing is that you'll get value for your money.

Think about that for a minute, paying less and getting more value; who doesn't want that? The good thing about our services is that you don't need to pay when creating your video. The payment usually comes at the end once you've completed your video, played a free preview, and want to download and save the video.

We usually have different payment options; this includes MasterCard, PayPal, visa card, or American express. Our mode of payment is convenient, and you can pay from anywhere across the globe. 

What are the main features of this trailer maker?

• It has inbuilt editing tools.

• You can insert several video clips.

• It comprises different audio tracks.

• It comes with various video effects and transitions.

• It has powerful video color correction tools.

• You can add subtitles.

• User-friendly and easily customizable.

• You can download your movie in different formats and sizes.

Tips for making an exquisite movie trailer

• Select the best footage for your movie

 A good movie trailer should be between 90 seconds to 2 minutes long. With such a duration, ensure to pick the best footage for your video without revealing too much. Remember, your objective is to keep viewers yearning for more.


• Tell the story

When making your trailer, it's essential to ensure that your viewers understand the film genre and the characters shown in the trailer. Please make sure that the trailer gets to climax to capture viewers' attention; however, don't give them a spoiler?


• Carefully choose background music

Background music plays a huge role when it comes to creating a trailer video. It's essential to ensure that you're using the correct type of music for your video. A kind of music that can grab viewers' attention, matches the mood, tone, and atmosphere of your movie.

• Apply sound effects if necessary

If you want to make your epic movie trailer noticeable and dramatic, then consider applying the correct atmospheric sound effects like blasts, wind, among others. The sound effects plus the movie can tell the viewers more about the film's place, character, or mood.


Suppose you've gotten to this point; congratulations because you've already learned how to make an epic movie trailer. There're so many online free trailer maker video templates out there; however, this template is unique and professional, and it's worth every penny.








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