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Make Business Intro Video Online with After Effects template

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Introduce your business in style!


Now, in business, the first impression you make in the mind of your target audience matters. It plays a crucial role in ensuring that your business succeeds. As a business owner, you have to ensure that your brand image is perfect. This is the easiest and the most effective way to win over more people and attract them to your brand.


In theory, it seems like a pretty easy task. But trust me; there is more to it. Now here is the good news; you do not have to worry about the hard work behind it. Do you know why? We’ve got you covered. We are here to offer the best services to you as far as video production and design are concerned to help you win over more and more clients to your brand.


Now, businesses are many since there are many sectors of operation in an economy. To ensure that we cover more ground and suit almost all industries, we have stocked numerous After Effects templates to suit your design needs. With us, you are sure to create fantastic intro videos regardless of the sector your business operates. Also, we will suit your needs, whether your brand works on a large or a small scale basis.


Create introduction videos based on this business intro template


As you can see from the sample video displayed above, this video ad template will help you create business intro videos with stunning designs. With this outro template, you can create business video intros with a duration of up to 9 seconds. The short length of the videos makes them very effective marketing tools since your audience will not get bored while watching them.


Best of all, this intro template also has space to insert up to 9 video clips, one text line, and even two logo images. Simply put, we have equipped this video ad template with all the necessary tools to ensure that you create top-notch quality videos within minutes. Try out this video template now for free, and I assure you that you will make fantastic quality videos at affordable prices.


How to create a business intro video


Our video intro maker makes it effortless to create professional video promos. This is because the hard work about the template design has already been done for you. All you have to do is replace the existing content with your own.


To do this, click the button above to access the editing window of this intro and outro template. Input your video content in the display parts. You can then play around with the various formatting tools to customize your video’s design to your liking. Constantly use the image preview option to ascertain your video content.


You can then add a music track to your video to make it more captivating. You are at liberty to use the music tracks on our intro creator or upload one from your device. Once you find a music track that suits you perfectly, create a free test video to check for errors in your video. The free test video will also give you a preview of how your video will look once you produce it in Full HD.


If you are confident that your video is flawless, produce it in Full HD. Pay the small fee displayed on the template headline to access the Full HD video. You can then download it to your device in various formats and sizes, ready for use wherever you want. You could also use the embed code option to upload your video directly to various social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitter, among others.


Why do you need an intro video for your business?


There are numerous reasons to create an introduction video for your brand. First of all, an introductory video will help build an excellent image for your brand. People deem businesses with introduction videos professional since they embrace technological trends. Creating one for your brand makes you more likely to attract more people since your brand will be more credible and trustworthy.


Moreover, a video intro will also create more awareness for your brand. A recent study shows that more than 70% of people prefer watching videos to reading text. Therefore, you will popularize your brand more by using business introduction videos.

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