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Make Energy Shock Wave Logo Animation Video with AE template

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Best online logo animation app to make branded intro videos


Do you need fresh inspiration to design a branded logo that turns eyes? Use our online logo animation app to generate one quickly and wrap it up in an engaging, visually captivating intro video. With this expertly designed video template, you can unveil your stylish logo design with energy shock wave graphics.


Imagine what it would be like to stage a grand reveal that showcases all your brand assets. Insert your high-resolution logo image and a catchy text line to get the ball rolling. Substitute the preset imagery with mesmerizing pictures, add impactful music and relevant video clips to take things up a notch.


The total duration of the finalized copy is 11 seconds. Speed it up or slow it down as you like to set the mood for deep thinking or emphasize must-see details. Get your custom animated logo intro video done in less than 30 minutes.


Customize and personalize your logo animation online to build consumer confidence


Remix this Shock Wave Logo template to formulate a branded design that exclusively promotes your company, event, products, or services. Pick your favorite theme from our ever-expanding list of animated logo templates. Adjust the shape of objects, change text size, fonts, letter spacing, colors, and rearrange detailed feature elements in the background.


Our easy-to-use online editor is quite intuitive; it empowers all users, even beginners. Stamp your company or brand name on the video. Include a catchy, relevant slogan to improve brand recall. As for personalization, you can include your brand color palettes to give your animated logo design a distinct look.


Collect some of our exclusive materials (illustrations, icons, images, etc.) to give your project extra personality and flair. Ideally, this strengthens your brand identity and improves your online presence. That way, consumers won't have a problem recognizing your brand no matter how it evolves.


How to create animated logo effects - zero effort customization


Let me explain how valuable a pre-mastered logo animation template is when you lack the technical know-how. Since our in-house motion design experts took care of the complicated side of things, your job will be easier. You should specifically focus on your brand message and image.


Bringing your design ideas to life is now easier than ever because we empower you with unique choices. You can experiment with color schemes, backgrounds, outline shapes, and layouts until you find your rhythm. These will help you shape the visual cues that drive the audience to react.


Elements like graphics, typography, and color palette expressions play an instrumental role in helping your brand convey messages effectively. With a sophisticated toolkit like ours, you can effortlessly design, customize and render your video projects. I can honestly say this is a financially rewarding investment, whether you know how to create animated logotypes or not.


How to do logo animation brand reveal - tips for crafting a better intro video


Logo reveals are concise, quick, and to-the-point. These videos generally run for a few seconds. Nailing this kind of intro video is an art because it goes beyond making your logo bust a move.


Some versions are sonic, while others primarily illustrate messages with cleverly animated gestures. Focus on expressing your brand voice, values, and creative attributes when crafting your design. Every movement should be meaningful, well-coordinated, and purposeful.


Otherwise, your animated logo build may rub the audience the wrong way. Sometimes this takes a long time to reverse, so you should avoid ever going down that path. Thankfully, you have our templates to help you produce well-meaning, consistent, on-brand designs.


The takeaway


In a nutshell, you cannot go wrong if you start with a blueprint. With it, you can establish boundaries so that you never go overboard. Our editable templates are a source of inspiration and provide a foundation for you to start formulating your logo design.


Additionally, automation improves your workflow, delivery time, product quality, and overall performance. Small businesses can also provide the best-in-class custom videos at unbeatable rates. How is this possible?


With a reduced production cost, you can offer reasonable prices and still run a profitable business. Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription and get early access to new templates. 

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