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Pick a  template, customize it with our online video editor, and get your animated video in minutes.
It´s free to make videos in low-resolution with all the templates of our video maker.

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Our video templates with ink special effects were made with the worlds leading video production software, Adobe After Effects. So your video will have professional-grade quality, great for promoting your business or be used as a video trailer or titles.

To make your ink video, pick a template and send us your content via the simple user interface of our online video editor, from which you also will see preview images and a free video. It will take just a few minutes to produce the video and you'll get a video file that you can download and share on Youtube or embed on your website.

You may question how effective it could be to use video clips for promoting products or perhaps branding a startup. Well, switch on your tv and most likely you are going to see lots of video ads. Those video ads usually cost a huge amount of dollars to produce.

How can cheap template-based videos compete? Well, they cannot. There's little doubt that the best intro videos would be the ones created from scratch, and created especially for your startup. But, those promo videos often are too costly for most folks. The other best option is a template-based video with excellent text, footage, great photos, and song.

The majority of our visitors are small businesses or startups wanting to buy a promo video or perhaps a brief intro or logo animation video for their blog. Other than that, we provide intros for people who are looking to produce a photo video for sending to friends on special occasions. We will do our best to serve every one of the customers of ours by making available intros of the most popular markets.

Due to our online video production system is so affordable and the videos so well produced that you can quickly resell the business videos and earn a nice revenue. The amount you are able to charge clients is proportional to the work you provide in doing the most professional marketing video. For instance, you should stop by the client's store for taking a photo session and recording several clips for use on the marketing video.

What's great about that's you can concentrate on the message of the promo video and not the time-consuming factors of video production. By working with our online video editor, you properly leave that complicated job to our video clip animators.

The provided ad video templates use a rigid structure, which means you can only insert your graphics in the predefined places. You may think that is a questionable problem of our online video platform, that said in order to handle very advanced promo video templates, it's the compromise we made. 

Learning the problems outlined previously, as part of our business model, we sell a customized video production service, by which a designer from our company will work on the animated video by hand, and adapt the video template as per your ideas. We will just provide less complex editing, such as incrementing slides and elements on the video or perhaps extending your video.

A lacking feature of the online video creator is the absence of an audio editing tool. Our editor just provides limited sound functionality for incorporating a soundtrack to videos. You are able to turn on the sound of your video clips, but frequently it won't work very well.

High-end animated video creation companies and also freelancers used to be the only available resource for obtaining a professional video for your company, and they charge an enormous price because it is very time-consuming to manually produce videos.
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