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Make High Tech Energy Crystal 3D Logo Animation Video Online

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Why do brands need 3D logo animation?

Animated logos have become a popular asset of marketing and advertising, and many brands continue to share animated versions of their logos with the world. But why do businesses invest in animated logos? A powerful animated logo can set the connection with the target audience and tell your brand’s story. 

Modern technology has opened tremendous opportunities in the days of only print-focused and static graphic design, and businesses ought to take advantage of it. If you want to bring new life into your logo, consider using the above video template to make a high-tech energy crystal 3D logo animation by inserting one text line and a logo image. With a total duration of nine seconds, the level of your animation video can vary from easy moves to a complete short video. 

When creating your video, it’s vital for brands to decide which kind of animation to select and the type of personality they want to reveal to the customers. Today, there are so many online videos templates at your disposal to help you create an animated logo video. However, before deciding which template to work with, it’s crucial to read the online reviews and understand what people say about different templates. 

Where can I use my tech logo animation video?

In case you’re wondering, there’re so many platforms where you can share your animated logo video. Since video content targets the digital sphere and can be applied in various cases with different purposes, we give you some of the platforms you can share your video.

Company website

Websites are the face of a company; it is crucial to ensure that your website works efficiently. Adding an animated logo to your website can improve its performance and boost its SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Doing so will enable visitors to watch your video hence spending more time on your web page.

Social media networks

These days, social networks have become a key platform for increasing brand visibility and product promotion because people spend a lot of time surfing the internet. Communicating and sharing video content on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have become a norm, and marketers use these platforms as an effective marketing tool. Plus, you can convert your logo animation video to GIFs which are easily shared. 

Promo videos

Did you know that you can sparkle your promo video with an animated logo?  Imagine what it would be like when your promo video goes viral simply because of adding an animated logo to it? Well, if you want to get your business out there, now is the time to create your animated logo with the above video template. 


As an entrepreneur, you have to hold different presentations, whether a business meeting or a product demonstration. When you include your animated logo on the slides, it gives your presentation a sense of creativity and originality. 


There are so many benefits of using an animated logo in your business. It helps increase brand awareness, leaves a lasting impression, improves storytelling, and creates a unique image for your brand.

To make it work efficiently, consider following these tips.

• Before creating your animated logo, consider analyzing the company’s business goals.

• Create an animation that’s difficult to predict.

• Keep it short and precise; avoid creating a complex movie from a logo.

• Consider adding background music to your video to make it more engaging. We’ve made the process easier by providing you with a music library of copyright-free songs. 



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