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Make Flash Lightning Text Title Promo Video with After Effects Template

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Reinvent your brand logo with this Lightning Flash promo title After Effects template


Your business needs more exposure! Did you know animated video intros get the most click-throughs? Yes, they do. Have you ever wondered why this concept works so well?


Let me break down the persuasive tactics it uses to compel viewers to act so that you can understand how it creates attraction. If you’re looking for a productive marketing strategy to improve your website conversion rates and boost consumer engagement, this is it! All you need now is a reliable promo video maker to create your ads.


You’re in luck because I have the perfect resource to fast-track your video rendering technique and creative design process. Learn how to make a promo title video in minutes with this Lightning Flash Text AE template. With its built-in video editing software, automation is at your fingertips.


How do I use your promotional video maker to animate simple titles and text?


Pick any template you like. If you’re using this design, your final cut will include 19 seconds of playable video. There’s a button below the video that allows you to edit the custom template. Press it to open the built-in video editing software.


There’s not much to do except insert your files for quick rendering. Do you see the editable presets highlighted on this template? You can upload your brand logo (1), video clips or photos (11), and text (13 lines). It also allows you to add an audio track of your choosing.


High-resolution media files provide the best quality imagery and sound effects. The software has auto-rendering capabilities that enable it to process your files quickly without human intervention. It delivers a finished video every 30 minutes and sometimes quicker, depending on the size of the original files.


Animated title promo videos make your brand look better on screen!


Did you know 65 percent of us process information better with visual aids? So we can’t help it; it’s what our brain reacts to best. Let’s admit; it’s easier to recall images than text. Here’s another fascinating fact: if you read something, you might retain 10 percent of what you read, but a video allows you to recall up to 95 percent of what you’ve watched.


If you want to narrate your brand story, video is the best medium because it allows you to do everything: inspire, educate and entertain. It helps you to build a stronger connection with your audience through your stories. They’ll see your brand for the value it brings to their life.


Let me explain how our animated lightning promo video with After Effects can help you impress viewers. If you think you can get consumers to react to any visual presentation, you’re wrong. It takes a compelling storyline with impressive visual effects to inspire, motivate and influence their actions.


Do you know how to create a promotional video that converts?


Video advertising leverages two elements that naturally capture our attention, no matter our age: sound and motion. Although this form of persuasive advertising influences consumer behavior towards a brand, product, or service, it employs a less aggressive approach.


Interactive videos are highly effective in helping brands build customer loyalty. It also encourages your visitors to sample new products or services and boosts social engagement. The incredible thing is that brands get to be a part of the experience too.


Videos have become an integral element in our daily social encounters. They’re everywhere these days: your social media feeds, TV, and even on shopping websites. It delivers information creatively and quickly. Consumers won’t feel overwhelmed because they’re enjoying the visuals, which, in turn, satisfies their desire for instant gratification.


You’ll never go bankrupt if you use the best promo video maker for your budget!


Small businesses need up-to-date promo intro videos to stay relevant and competitive in their respective industries. The thing is, video advertising can quickly deplete your marketing campaign budget if you squander it foolishly. It is senseless to risk it all on video marketing.


With our professionally animated lighting text promo template, you can animate your titles to enhance the visual effects of your promotional content. And, that’s not all. Title animation can help your company build brand credibility, trust, and identity.


With this option, you can easily make the best digital marketing decision for your brand. Our video animation solution can be an asset if you’re looking to implement cost-efficiency in your digital marketing campaign. Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription to maximize profitability.


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