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Movie Maker App for Creating Professional Movie Trailers and Promotional Videos

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Movie Maker Online

With our online movie maker app, you can make incredible movies in Full HD based on animated movie templates, complete with images, 3d effects, text, and music. Great for marketing and promoting your business or the products you sell.

The video will be delivered in minutes as a downloadable Mp4 or WebM file, ready to upload to social media websites such as Youtube, as a channel intro, or promote your business.

People who see your movie on Youtube will think you are a professional online video maker. In this example, we created a trailer to promote a book, but it is entirely up to you to use this template.

Using our online video production service, you can make money selling advertisement videos to companies and small businesses for their marketing.

How to make a movie online in 3 steps

1. Pick a movie template

We have hundreds of templates to choose from. If you like this template, press the button above to open our movie maker and edit the template.

2. Customize the movie template with our online editor

Upload your photos and video clips, and add text. If you like the default music, skip the step for changing the music; otherwise, select another music track from our collection or upload your mp3 file.

3. Make a free movie in low resolution and check for mistakes

If something needs to be corrected, edit the graphics; otherwise, produce the Full HD movie.

Our movie maker produces the most professional-looking movies compared to other movie-making tools. Why? Because our movie templates are made by the most talented video animators, using Adobe After Effects, the best movie production software.

We don't have the most flexible video creation tool. Still, in compensation, it is effortless. You get to create videos based on the best templates available worldwide that often use complex effects and animations that are not divided into slides.

Our users often use the movie in total, but if that is not your case, edit videos as much as you need, produce the movie, download it, and use another video editing software to work further. Many free video editors let you cut the video content, add voice-over, and so on.

There's no need to learn video editing and nothing to download. Our online video editor is free to use for making low-resolution videos. We'll only charge if you want a Full HD version without a watermark, including royalty-free music and a video player.

Our DIY video maker works on Windows and Mac web browsers, making it a simple video creator capable of generating highly professional-looking videos.

With us, you can create videos that would otherwise cost hundreds of dollars if you went to a traditional video production company. Our platform allows you to make studio-quality movies for a fraction of these companies prices.

Our team is adding new templates almost every day, so if you cannot find a suitable video ads template for your business, contact us and explain what you are looking for, and we will try to add a new template for you.
The video templates you see above are just a small selection of all the ones we have. Press the category links on the top left side of the screen or enter a search word to find many more great templates.

As you can see, we have some of the best templates available today worldwide, and you get to use any of them unlimitedly by purchasing our affordable monthly subscription. Great for freelancer video editors looking for a fast alternative to complex video editing software like Adobe After Effects.

What used to take days to produce can be done right here with our app in an hour or so. Not only can you make videos for yourself and your company, but you can also earn some extra cash selling marketing videos to a hungry market that is eager to pay handsomely for a professional animated video.
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