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Make Earth Movie Logo Intro Video with After Effects Template

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Creating movie intro trailers with this moving Earth logo animation 


Do you want to learn how to create a tasteful movie intro trailer that boosts online visibility, recognition, and salability? Let me tell you how to do this without spending a lot of time and money. First, let’s talk about the role of an introduction when promoting a feature film. 


The opening or title sequence of a film introduces the cast, brand logo, and production assets. Essentially, it is a promotional strategy employed by advertisers to increase awareness, attract viewers, and induce their desire to see your film. Creative sound effects and visuals play an instrumental role in setting the ambiance to impress the audience. 


What can you do to ensure your premiere gets the best reception? Countless entrepreneurs rely on advanced video compositing tools like After Effects to improve production value. I know you are eager to see how this works. Click our Earth logo After Effects template above to get started!  


How to make a movie trailer intro with this Earth logo AE template


Foremost, set aside the materials you want to use for your film promotion. Insert your logo (1 image file) and slogan (1 line) for quick customization. If you edit this preset, the video maker will generate a 19 seconds intro trailer. Feel free to add music, illustrations, images, and footage that fits your film. 


When you open the AE composition file, it will start the built-in video editor. A project like this can take up to 30 minutes. As I stated earlier, this sampler is a ready-to-use composition file, so you have just one responsibility: uploading your media files. 


No delays or downtime. As soon as you swap out the presets with your original properties, the built-in video creator will get to work cutting and processing your files. Its well-structured framework enables you to organize your scenes and give your final cut a studio-quality finish. If you like the finished project, you can save, share, and download it (get a low-quality version or upscale to HD for a small fee).


Earth animation AE template for instant logo intro HD video customization


One of the reasons this technique has become so widely practiced is because of its simplicity. Are you looking for logo design inspiration? Explore hundreds of custom templates; professionally designed by our well-traveled animators, motion graphics designers, and digital marketing team.


You cannot go wrong if you follow the golden rules of designing a branded logo: use visible, distinguishable, creative shapes, legible fonts, appropriate titling, and choose colors wisely. Ideally, opt for a color scheme that is similar to your brand. 


Do we ever talk about how difficult connecting a couple of cut scenes to achieve seamless transitions, especially when sequencing flashback effects can be? Let me explain why AE compositions are ideal for this kind of manipulation. It lets you alter and organize your video scenes artfully. Add artistic transitions to make a scene look more exciting, enhance the mood and change the narrative effortlessly. 


Update your brand image with this Earth logo maker


Are you planning to change your logo? Dedicate a movie trailer for the big reveal. Add your rebranded logo to your film project and share it on YouTube, your website, and any social media you choose.


Create a beautiful cinematic promo trailer for your next film release with our customizable template. Your studio logo is one of the first elements viewers will see. It must look spectacular to leave a lasting first impression on them. What are some of the things you should remember when putting together a captivating film preview? 


Avoid making a mini-film because you will spoil the surprise before your audience gets to watch it. Incorporate your logo at least once so that viewers can quickly associate it with the story when they recall. Consider making it exclusive, yet so relatable, they want to experience the full-length feature film. 


Need a quick movie logo trailer? Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription to find unique handpicked AE templates.

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