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Make Logo Animation Video In Minutes with After Effects template

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Create stellar branding videos without learning how to do logo animation techniques


With our online logo animation maker, you can design a branded promo video for your business. It's the best video-making tool to have when crafting professional brand logo reveals and visual content for your company. Click the button below to open this ready-made video template and start animating your project.


It'll help you remix this design to make a branded logo opening sequence with futuristic time machine-inspired graphics. This toolkit has pre-mastered After Effects composition files loaded with feature elements. With it, you can tap into your creative side to produce one-of-a-kind visual content.


Do you want to learn how to put together a neat logo design that gets your brand noticed? Throw in your brand or company logo (1 image), website URL, and a memorable tagline (1 text). You never imagined summing it up in 11 seconds; here's your chance.


Learning how to create animated logo designs - fast, easy customization


How do I start? It takes three (3) easy steps: select the template you like, insert your original assets, and hit render. Just tap each field to edit the scene. You will see indicators on the layers where you can edit placeholders and upload your assets.


Like the background music? Keep it, or add your own. Feel free to incorporate relevant images and footage to enhance your visual presentation. Additionally, you can handpick creative stock assets from our logo animation website gallery.


Everything will be perfect because our online logo animation app employs the best industry-standard compositing techniques to achieve neat, cohesive edits. If you want an efficient video-making app that delivers superior performance, then look no further. This app works online, which means no downtime, delays, or technical hiccups, so customization is a smooth process.


Do a clean reveal with this neat After Effects logo animation!


How to create animated logos that never get old? Let me explain how you can formulate a simple yet visually dynamic and effective logo branding that immediately captures one's attention.


One that brilliantly illustrates your brand story and quickly conveys a clear message. Foremost, you must add unique assets that make your logo easily distinguishable from others. Demonstrate innovations in your company, products, or services with crafty animated logo gestures.


It'll elevate your brand, improve recall, increase awareness, and shape consumer perceptions. With our flexible AE template video, you can build a dynamic, appropriate, unique, and outstanding logo design. Whether this is your first-ever branded logo or you're redesigning, our method will streamline your process.


Why choose this logo animation website?


One of the things some small businesses have long struggled with is cash flow drought. How do you fulfill your business marketing goals on a limited advertising budget? Let us fix you up with a complete toolkit and resources to help you get through this rough patch.


We extend our massive media library full of up-to-the-minute AE templates, stock images, illustrations, music, and more to you. Get all of this, plus video hosting, preview, and early access privileges when you become a premium member. Not making a lot of videos yet, our pay-as-you-go self-service option is quite affordable too.


Still undecided, experiment with any template you like and make a quick test video; this won't cost you anything. It'll help you wet your feet if designing logo animation online is all new to you. Think of it as a practice exercise because it'll help you navigate better when you decide to do the real thing.


The takeaway


A template strategy will help you meet deadlines quicker, maintain consistency, increase production value, and boost workflow. In a nutshell, you will do less manual work when you implement a video-making automation process. Our sophisticated digital templates will enable you to brand your products, services, and company uniquely.


Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription to tap into these resources and download all your final video projects in HD.





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