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Make Movie Like Burning 3D Title Trailer Video with AE template

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Enhance your creativity by using our 3D title maker

Are you looking to have an epic-burning 3D title for your video? As a video production company, we have the perfect solution for you. We create quick and easy-to-use templates to help you make the finest text design possible with just a few clicks.

Your movie title trailer can be used on different platforms such as your web page and social media sites. This template allows you to insert up to 5 text lines and customize it through the options available to get a 3D model. This burning trailer maker will only take you a few clicks to make a seamless 3D title and add a logo image thereafter.

With a duration of 33 seconds, you can convey your brand’s story, enhance a sense of rhythm, and build excitement. That perfection is hard to create, but with the above video template, all things are possible. When it comes to creating your movie trailer, it’s all about originality and creativity.

The benefits of using our burning trailer template

Saves time

When editing a video manually, a lot of work is involved; however, our movie title maker performs an important video creation process. You don’t need video editing experience because all the inbuilt editing tools are at your disposal. You can create your video in less than five minutes.

Easy on the pocket

The good thing about our video template it’s cost-effective. You don’t have to allocate thousands of dollars to hire a video editor. This template is valuable for startups and SMEs. If you’re on a budget, then this template is ideal for you.


When it comes to professionalism, we always want to ensure our customers receive the best when it comes to value for their money. Our template is high quality and designed by video editing experts. Having been in the industry for over eight years, our customers are our biggest assets, and their satisfaction is our priority.

How to create a video using our movie title template?

Before creating a video, you need to open an account with us. The process is straightforward. Navigate to makewebvideo.com and sign up. It’s important to have an account with us because that’s the only way you can log in and access our template.

Our template allows you to discover inbuilt features to enable you to create an exceptional video. You can work on your design by using several editing tools. Upload your logo image into the template and play with the font feature to get the perfect design.

Consider adding a music track from the ones available in the template or upload one from your device to make it more engaging. Once you’re contented with the design, you can play a free preview to get an overview of your final product. Before downloading your video in different formats and sizes, you’ll be prompted to pay a small fee. Finally, you can save and share your video on various social media platforms.


Whether you’re a startup owner, digital marketer, or promoter, having an engaging video is a must-have. When you have an attractive video, you’re one step closer to increasing your brand visibility and making your business successful.

This video template acts as a bridge between your brand and viewers. A convincing video offers a sense of trust among your audience and prospective customers. The video provides them with the confidence they need to understand your business.

A movie title video creates a sense of the physical existence of your brand within your viewers’ minds, which is a powerful influence. Now is the time to get started.










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