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Make Storm Shock Lightning Logo Opening Video - AE Template

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How to grab attention and influence sales with a compelling logo intro animation


There’s a logo animation revolution going on right now! I hope you’re a part of it because it can do wonders for your business in terms of exposure. You might be wondering what this has over a traditional static version.


You can be among the league of growing startups that are leveraging this technique to increase brand awareness. Or maybe you’re already marketing your branded logo, but it’s not getting the attention you had anticipated. Don’t let this discourage you.


Have you wondered why most brands are swapping out an ordinary static logo for creative animated styles? Well, it’s better if I show you! Here is a custom Lightning Storm Shock Waves AE template; use it to transform your logo and make a business commercial in less than 30 minutes.


Why do I need an animated logo promo video?


It’s like leaving your brand’s carbon footprint everywhere you share content without being pushy or intrusive. Whether it’s social media, your website, or another medium, everybody who views your video will know your brand. Although it’s a subtle advertising approach, it’s effective branding and can have a titanic social impact.


Where do you post video content - Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter? My honest opinion is that a static branded logo won’t do your advertising campaign any justice because people react better to moving graphics. Moreover, the audience in general loves moving objects, and adding an animated logo can enhance your opening introduction on any social media destination.


That’s not all; a branded moving logo is attention-grabbing and entertaining to watch. Now that most social media channels have integrated the auto-play feature, brands have to work harder to captivate the audience and get them to press play. Therefore, you need something spectacular to impress them so that they will view your content.

Branding your YouTube logo intro video with AE animation


Let me explain how you can create the best-looking logo bumper to endorse your brand message on every YouTube video you post. As the seasons change, you can embrace each occasion with subtle animated effects. Learning how to make animations for YouTube intros with an AE template makes things incredibly simple.


It lets you animate your logo intro video with text, special visual effects, and even sound enhancements effortlessly. Logo animation intentionally plays on our emotions and motivates our actions. If executed correctly, it will help your brand increase offline/online engagement, boost SEO ranking, bridge emotional connections, and promote awareness.


Want to improve your brand slogan, upgrade the logo design, or change your name? With a well-done animated After Effects project file, you can make these changes quickly and without graphics design experience. Search our template gallery to find the perfect AE project file to do the trick.


What is the purpose of making a logo opening in AE for YT videos?


If you’re new to the whole YouTube intro trend (never made one before), this should get you up to speed. So intro videos on YT are technically brief previews of your visual content and typically run on auto-play for about 3-15 seconds. What it essentially showcases is your brand slogan and logo.


For this reason, it’s paramount that you use creative logo branding to capture someone’s attention within the allotted time. As the platform improves its offering to empower creators, it’s rolling out features to help you amplify visual interactivity. One of the recently added components is its interactive YouTube cards, a clickable CTA.


You’ve probably heard of them and want to learn how to make a YouTube title card with a ready-made After Effects template. So these on-screen cards will occasionally pop up throughout your video, depending on placement. It can be in the form of downloadable content, a link, or images. You can access it from the video manager tab on YouTube.


Final thoughts


With creators posting new videos every minute of the day, everybody’s competing for attention. Whether you’re creating a visualizer for YouTube or another platform, you must publish consumable content. Some of the elements you should consider are your audience, budget, competitors, and brand persona.

Trust me, switching to premade After Effects template strategy will streamline your post-production video process. Are you learning how to sell YouTube intros so that you can make custom videos for your clients? It is a practical, sustainable video processing technique that can even help you maximize your ROI. With this fast online video creator, you can set and meet delivery deadlines without delay.

Would you like to sample another design, or is our Lightning Storm Shock Waves AE template ideal for your brand introduction? Explore our virtual gallery for royalty-free stock images, illustrations, footage, and more. Plus, you can purchase our unlimited monthly subscription and unlock unreleased exclusives.






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