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Make Environment Protection Video with After Effects template

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Attention! How to make irresistible nature-themed ecological video ads with music?


Are you passionate about environmental protection, nature, and sustainability? Then, you’ll love this ready-to-edit nature-themed After Effects template with clouds for your next video. This pack contains all the essential creative assets you need to produce meaningful, engaging promotional content.


Our template-based editor lets you add photos, text, footage, music or voice-over recordings, and your brand logo image. Have you ever found yourself feeling uninspired and stuck when making promo videos? You’re not alone.


Scores of artists, brands, and content creators deal with this at some point in their journey. With pre-designed video templates like this high-quality sample, you’ll struggle less because it helps you be more creative. Now you’re about to discover how fast and effortless making professional marketing videos can be.


Versatile environment protection promotional template


As you can see, this premade After Effects project has a simple, elegant theme. That being the case, it offers a lot of flexibility as far as focus areas go. Whether you’re creating a story about conservation, climate change, ecological concerns, or sustainability, this video has incredible potential.


Included with this mockup, you get a customized workspace template-based editor with the latest After Effects features and creative elements. With the best selection of modern motion design tools on hand, tweaking this sample to fit your brand and project needs will be effortless. Our online app lets you set your work schedule and keeps your team productive on the go.


It’s fast, user-friendly, and can significantly improve your workflow. With it, you can compile your most precious moments with a meaningful message and music to match in no time. Plus, our concise formatting style lets you keep your personalized ads to the point yet detailed enough to engage your audience. This sample has a total runtime of 34 seconds.


Ready-to-use clouds nature theme


Let me explain why this streamlined approach works well for business and even your private projects. Firstly, let’s outline some of the challenges affecting video makers and anyone involved with the market that this method can address.


  • Brand consistency. If you make videos for commercial use, you’re probably aware of the prime role consistency plays in building a brand identity that won’t fade quickly. Using our professionally designed template to guide you, you can make your brand look more reliable, recognizable, and consistent. Discover fun themes, typography, font, transitions, color settings, and more to give your digital video ad a unique flair.


  • Budget-friendly. We offer attractive opportunities to all users, no matter your limitations or budget class. Plus, we offer flexible payment options to ensure you don’t overspend and cost-effective ways to repurpose your videos. You can either buy the template you like or choose a subscription plan.


  • Customizable workspace. Whether you choose to work independently or with a team, you can customize your workspace to suit your project needs. It’s maintenance-free and doesn’t require a significant investment or advanced equipment and tools to get things going. Our beautifully coordinated video projects are easy to edit with simple drag and drop elements so that anyone can do it.

Nature ecological promotional video maker


Our promo video sample contains professional After Effects animation for a quick brand commercial or intro segment. Present your nature-themed practices, products, or merchandise with confidence. The project includes editable text boxes (9), a logo section, and [placeholders for video clips (4) to create your story.


It also comes with an easy-to-follow tutorial to help you complete your project successfully. Our efficient video editor renders your project files quickly and accurately. Transform the image of your logo with our color controls to show brand consistency and differentiate your design. See what your video looks like as you update the scenes and settings.


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