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Create Animated Clouds Memorial Slideshow Video with Music

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How to make a heartfelt funeral tribute? Instantly animate with clouds memorial slideshow effects!


Have a memorial coming up? Bring memories to life with this heavenly clouds-themed slideshow. Easy to design and customize slideshow decks with premium animation and sound. Sign up, pick a slideshow design, open to launch the built-in editor, and start customizing the layers with your best memory photos or footage.


This animated clouds slideshow pack contains one (1) logo image, twenty-one (21) placeholder text, and twelve (12) video clips you can edit with one click. Insert your media into the marked drop zones easily with the drag-and-drop uploader tool. Match your slideshow scenes with a music track to make a touching 1-minute, 45 seconds video.


Simple press-button customization: adjust video settings, tweak the colors, add text effects, transitions, and filters. Get your finished clip in the best definitions and ratios for seamless integration on any platform. All done! Share or download your slideshow video in HD (high-resolution, Mp4 format).


Use slideshow maker online and save time!


Easy-to-use photo video editor launches on your web browser; no installation or setup is necessary. Thanks to its intuitive interface, editing with this slideshow creator is easier than ever, even if you are a beginner. Revive vintage photos to make spectacular scenes for your memory slideshow with simple push-button customization.


This video has a fixed background animation, but you can change everything else, like the text, colors, images/footage, and music. Customize and combine all the parts into one stunning slideshow clip with this in-browser editor. Edit your slides with a voice-over, loop the music for scenes you want to emphasize and add color filters with fade-in and out effects.


Trim parts of the clip depending on how long you want a particular scene to play. Create smooth slow-motion and fast-forward video effects with built-in adjustment controls. Drag and drop the desired design elements onto the layers effortlessly.


Animated clouds slideshow with beginner-friendly editing tools


Work faster and more efficiently with this automated slideshow video maker. Let me show you how using this can speed up your workflow. Create videos quickly with absolutely no design or editing knowledge.


One-click customization to flip videos vertically or horizontally and rotate to the desired angle, trim clips to the preferred length, resize and crop footage, and mute the audio. Merge your clips and organize your video content just the way you like. Lightweight and simple, our online slideshow creator completes these tasks instantly with just the push of a button.


Now you can accomplish tasks that took painstaking hours to perfect in a snap. Stamp your brand logo or name on it to make it official. Create as many slideshows as you like from this template. With this intuitive drag-and-drop editor, you can make your words stand out with animated titles and add filters to convey the desired tone and mood. Enhance your footage with cinematic video effects. Merge clips nicely with fluid transitions so that your slideshow flows smoothly.


Creative artist-designed memorial slideshow video for funerals


Our ready-made slideshow template is perfect to dedicate a tribute to someone special. If you do event planning, having this incredible photo effects maker can help you improve your product design and quality. Tell a touching legacy story with beautiful visuals to honor a community hero, friend, loved one, colleague, or relative.


How about creating a keepsake slideshow video for guests attending the funeral service? Commemorate the fun, treasured moments with this slideshow video featuring clouds animation. Our slideshow creator can get you the copies you need in a flash but don’t just take my word for it.


Make a free slideshow video now! Preview your slide decks and download your video in HD (high-resolution, Mp4) if you love it. We charge a small fee for each finished copy you download. Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription to get all your downloads free. Be the first to sample our newest templates.

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