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Make a Video with Photos and Music in Minutes

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This is a great template to make a video with pictures and music. Our photo to video maker online lets you insert your own video clips, pictures, and text. The total duration is 1 minute and 42 seconds, but the video can be slowed down or speeded up.

How to create a video from photos?

In the example above, we made a wedding invitation, but it would work well for other purposes, where you want to display your photos professionally.

We prefer video clips because they make any slideshow or montage more interesting, thus more likely to grab viewers' attention. But, if you don't have video clips, use some great photos, and it will be fine.

Please press the button to open our photo-video editor app, and personalize this video template with 16 of your own photos and video recordings and up to 33 lines of text.

Photo To Video Maker Online

When you are done with the customization process, our photo video app will produce a free video in minutes. That first video is just a low-resolution preview. If you want to keep the video, you have to buy the Full HD version.

So instead of putting that wedding photo inside a boring album, why not go all digital and have them on an mp4 video file? It will be much easier to share your photos with family and friends.

As you can see, our photo montage example videos look amazing, with those hanging photo frames and aesthetic backgrounds. They are all based on professional templates that were crafted with great care and passion by some of the world's best video animators.

Montage Editor App

There is no room for amateur templates on our website. Whether you are looking for an app to make a video collage or slideshow, or a promo video for your company, we got you covered.

With all the different template options available on our video creation service, we are sure you'll find something useful and affordable. But, if you cannot find a template suitable for your business or personal purpose, send us an email, and we will try to find a better template for you. We add new templates constantly, and we often add based on customer requests.

Our prices are so low that there are actually many professional videographers, photographers, video production studios, and marketing agencies using our service and reselling our videos, and we're ok with that. But you can skip all that and do it yourself. Our software is so easy to use that no video editing skills are needed.
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