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Make Earth Ecological Logo Reveal Video with After Effects template

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Always preserve nature!


Now I bet you know what nature is. Nature is everywhere, and the beauty of it all is that it is free. You don’t pay for it. It just exists for us, and we greatly depend on it. It is human nature to take things we get free of charge for granted. Now, the earth and the environment are free, and most people do not respect them.


Some people use nature for their selfish gains. For example, they cut down trees to sell timber. In so doing, they ruin the balance in the ecosystem. The results are usually adverse, such as extended dry conditions due to a shortage of rains. The simplest solution is to sensitize and educate people on the importance of conserving nature and the environment in general.


Now, you could be such a person with a grand vision of a world with a balanced ecosystem, where plants and animals healthily depend on each other. If you want to recruit more people to join your campaign, you must market your goals and vision globally. And what, in this digital age, is a better way to do this other than using short promo videos?


Create nature logo intro animations with this After Effects template!


You are right. There is none. The beauty of promo videos is that; they are brief but to the point. Therefore, they capture all the critical details needed to pass your intended message. You need to relax if you are stranded on creating exceptional quality video promos at an affordable price. We’ve got you covered.


As you can see from the sample video displayed above, this After Effects template will help you create awesome intro videos with attractive designs. The background colors and the display parts are perfect because they are nature-oriented. With this video ad template, you can create a logo reveal animation with a duration of up to 10 seconds. Don’t underestimate the power of the 10 seconds. Trust me; your message will be home, safe, and sound.


Now, the best part is; this video ad template has space to insert one text line and even a logo image. In simple terms, it is equipped with all the necessary tools to help you create fantastic videos. Now, the flexibility of this video template will amaze you. You can use this template for creating branding videos for your business or organization, whether it operates on a large or a small scale. Note; this template is not only for marketing environmental conservation campaigns. You can also use it to promote travel and tours brands.


How to produce Green Eco logo reveal animations


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By doing so, you will access the editing window of our promo video maker. You can then input your video content in the display parts and play around with the various formatting options to customize your video as you desire. Select a music track from the stock available on video intro maker or even upload one from your device to make your video much more enjoyable.


Once you are happy with your music selection, produce a free test video to check whether you have made any errors while creating your video. If you are confident that your video is flawless, create it in Full HD. To do this, pay the small fee displayed on the template headline. You can then download your video in various sizes and formats, ready for use wherever you want.


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