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Make a High Tech Cube Promotional Video with AE Template

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Reasons why a promotional video maker is not a waste of time


Are you a technology entrepreneur? I understand how difficult it can be to explain your sophisticated inventions, services, or solutions in writing. If you’re not already using promotional videos, you should.


Do you want to learn how to create a high-tech promo video that converts? I have a solution that won’t take much of your time. This transparent 3D cube AE template lets you showcase and explain your innovations effectively.


Yes, it’s visually appealing, albeit it uniquely promotes your brand, wares, and company to achieve your intended goals. Creating advertisements like this could cost a couple of hundred dollars if you hire someone. Let’s look at some of the advantages of using this concept.


Fascinating reasons to invest in an AE template online promo video maker


Grab visitors’ attention the moment they enter your website or channel. An emphatic promo video is a perfect influencer to demonstrate how your product or service can adequately meet their needs. Don’t know how to make a promotional video that is compelling enough to attract, engage, and persuade browsers?


Fret not. Let me show you how to make highly persuasive business promo ads for your technology startup. One template is all it takes to formulate a high-converting video commercial that delivers:

1. More leads and subscriptions

2. Mailing list and email opt-ins

3. Measurable consumer engagement


What’s more, editing our professionally made templates involves simple steps. Apply creative text effects, logo animation, filters, transitions, and design elements without sweat. Once you click the sample video, it’ll open the built-in editor.


Beginner’s guide: Learn how to make a video for business promotion


Did you try building a template with After Effects from scratch and realize it’s far more technical than you imagined? Instead of putting yourself through all that stress, grab a custom-made AE template, and let’s get the ball rolling. Drop your high-resolution logo image (1), photos or pre-recorded footage (8 clips), custom text (25 lines), and audio for quick editing.


It takes 30 minutes to make a visually appealing 49-second advertisement for your tech startup. Do it without mastering After Effects techniques and motion design. Maximize your profit margin, complete your projects on time, stay on budget, and meet your quota.


Adjusting and timing scenes have never been this practical. Edit your video projects easily, quickly, and flexibly. Embed, share, and download your finished copy effortlessly with our convenient export options.


A compelling promotional film commercial can help you meet client expectations!


Clients expect your B2B technology firm to be future-forward, and your marketing video should demonstrate this. They want to see how you utilize technology and intelligent tools to enhance your explainers. You can count on them to read your text if you curate your proposition well and impress them with impeccable visuals.


You can’t afford to publish ads that will get lost amidst the noise. If you need inspiration, look no further than our custom templates to learn how to make a promotional video. Engage more clients and consumers every time you release a campaign.


Use a pre-designed template to incorporate design elements that differentiate your brand from your competitors. Don’t worry. Your potential consumers will see and feel the difference.


Final thoughts


Quality promotional videos will enable your tech firm to hit and exceed sales targets. While increasing awareness, you’ll connect with more consumers and boost engagement. These are critical components when building your sales funnel for a budding startup.


What is your bounce rate like these days? You probably have a decent stream of traffic bouncing off your pages without getting to know your brand. With a powerful intro video, you can give them everything on a platter.


Are you ready to turn your marketing tactics up a notch? It is the cheapest and quickest method to animate videos. But don’t just take my word for it. Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription and get the essential resources you need to be a better advertiser.

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