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Make Business Promotional Video with After Effects template

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Making high-quality business promotion videos is super simple when you use a template!


In today’s modern business world, promotional videos are an essential tool to utilize in your brand marketing campaign. Let’s break down the costs of making professional videos. Whether you manage a boutique firm, startup, or medium-scale company, video production can put a massive dent in your advertising budget.


There are so many things to consider, for example, project coordination/management, script development, on-screen models/actors, and visual assets. These can quickly add up to a substantial amount; however, estimates may vary depending on the quality and length of the video.


Alternatively, you can try a business promotion video template. Do you want to learn how to make your sales event or brand launch look spectacular? Here is how you can use this premade After Effects template as a jumping-off point to make captivating promotional videos quickly.


How to make a promotional video for business in 1-2-3 quick and simple steps?


Tap the Edit button below this template if you want to use this design. Not yet registered to use our platform? Sign up for free any time or log in to start making promo videos. Next, add your tagline and logo image. Then drop your clips and pictures in the template. You can add 63 taglines, 13 video clips, and background music. 


You can include your media or source material from our stock library. Our platform offers a variety of creative graphic assets, music, animation, filters, transitions, and more. Add personalized branding, colors, and text with just a few clicks.


The video runtime is 1 minute, 20 seconds. Adjust the speed of the scenes in your timeline to create slow and fast motion effects. Download your project in Mp4 format for easy integration on any streaming platform, social media, and your business website.


Fast business promotional video maker app - create high-end promo ads in a snap!


Don’t have the time, hands-on skills, and knowledge to make marketing videos from scratch? Let me show you how making videos with a professionally made template can simplify your creative process and production. Our powerful in-browser video editor lets you apply transitions, text, sounds, illustrations, and icons easily. With it, you can cut, trim, crop, and merge your saved clips in a matter of minutes.


Using our drag-and-drop features, you can move, arrange, and reposition elements in the timeline. It allows you to perform repetitive actions faster without compromising quality control. Our template provides a virtual workspace where you can work independently or collaborate with your team.


As a user, you’ll have access to an endless supply of professionally designed video templates. You can find concepts for almost any industry and topic. Captivate viewers and clients alike with high-resolution motion graphics, animated text, and compelling CTAs.


Where to use your promotional video for business?


You have total freedom to use your promo video anywhere you like. So whether you want to publish it on Instagram, Facebook, or your website, you’ll have a compatible video to upload. We offer flexible video download options, which allow you to keep your clip in standard definition or upscale to HD (Mp4 format, no watermark).


Promotional videos can generate steady incoming traffic for your business website channel or social page. Here are some types of promotional videos that companies use to advertise their events, products, services, team, corporate culture, and so forth. You can create these videos for:


  • Recruitment
  • Product launch
  • Testimonials
  • Event announcements
  • Introduction
  • Explainer


Consider using the same fonts, tone, and colors for all promotional videos to show brand consistency. Ideally, this makes your brand or company instantly recognizable anywhere it goes. With our ready-to-use business promo template, you can kick off your marketing campaign with a bang.


Are you searching for a quick, effective way to boost visitor engagement, improve brand visibility online and gain recognition? A well-executed promo video like the sample above will get your brand exposed. Have a tight deadline to turn out multiple branding video projects? Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription to get going.

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