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Make a Video from Photos with our Movie Maker Online App

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We provide a simple way to turn your photos or video clips into captivating videos that you can use to make wedding invitations, birthday invites or even to share unforgettable moments with friends and family.

Our online movie maker app quickly turns pictures into videos with classy text, aesthetic background, motion graphics, and music. This template contains beautiful beach scenes with fourteen hanging picture frames, each with a text line.

How to make a video from photos?

Press the button above to start our app, upload your photos to our online video creation software, and generate a video in minutes. No video editing experience is needed! Our video templates allow you to create a video from your photos and add music easily.

Do you want to create a video but don't have many video clips? Or perhaps want to incorporate several of your favorite photos? Do not panic. Our photo video editor has the tools to quickly create movies using video clips and still pictures and produce stunning photo presentations for personal or professional use.

Make videos part of your marketing strategy without adding to your workload. Use templates to introduce products that are new and promote sales. Attract new clients, enhance brand visibility, and create content relevant to your business. Our online slideshow maker is an effective promotional tool that is efficient and easy for any business.

Make a slideshow featuring your products, professional photography, or perhaps whatever else your company is offering. Whether it is a party, a birthday celebration, your love story, or perhaps your last trip, make an unforgettable memory while discussing life's important moments!

Make videos from photos by adding your pictures, texts, video clips, and music. When you are done, you'll have a slideshow you will be delighted to share. Our online app is straightforward to work with. It has plenty of professional video footage and templates made by top video animators, so you've access to countless good-looking slideshow video templates that you can customize and make your own.
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