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Make Elegant Logo Reveal Video with After Effects template

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Fast 3D cube logo reveal maker - quick cuts, stunning results!


Have a new company or brand you wish to promote? In this social media era, videos provide the best medium for growing and promoting a business online. It’s an attractive, versatile, and profitable form of visual advertising.

What is the best approach to develop a winning video marketing strategy? Well-made videos are not cheap. Leading digital marketing agencies charge top dollar to turn out quality products.

An alternative is to use a ready-made video project like this elegant logo reveal template. This ready-to-use After Effects composition folder contains predefined graphics, design elements, text, animation, and so forth. With it, you’ll be able to animate, stylize and personalize any video in a snap.


Simple point-and-click 3D cube logo reveal builder!


How long do you have to hook your audience? Here is how you can make that eight seconds count! Log in or register to use our video maker app. Scroll down to the bottom of this animated video project and click Edit.

Preview this animation and use the handy tools from the dashboard menu to edit the scenes. Click the upload button or icon to import media files into the drop zones. Fill the placeholders provided with one logo design and a tagline.

You may change the font style, color, and size of the text. Resize, reposition, rotate, flip and adjust background elements. Additionally, you can add some relevant images or footage and music to support your story. Preview the changes in real-time and generate a reveal video if you like what you see.


How to create a timeless logo reveal After Effects design?


Brands want to be relevant, remembered, and loved for the right reasons. Your logo design is one of the elements that differentiate your business from all the others. This logo sting can help you introduce your brand in a fun, exciting, creative way.

Let me explain what reveals can do for your business. Logo animation shapes how people perceive and consume your brand. It conveys the emotions and personality you want them to associate with your enterprise.

You may use this for announcements, product launches, or as a visualizer to showcase your logo design and brand assets. That’s not all; it’s an excellent marketing strategy to improve recognition, increase social presence organically, and build awareness around your brand. So let’s kick things off with a bang! Create a unique, creative, vivid, and memorable act with this dramatic logo sting segment featuring 3D cube dispersion.


Animated logo reveal - want to tell stories that move the audience?


How do you help your ideal audience visualize first impressions that never fade from the mind? Use logo animation to show them how your brand can transform their reality in a split second. The visual factor is one of the principal drivers that influence customer behavior and shape their decisions.

If you’ve never experimented with color psychology in branding, now you can. Use the colors of your brand for your logo design. It’ll help you evoke different emotions and get a specific demographic to empathize with your journey.

Naturally, individuals will think of your brand every time they see these colors. It’ll also help your business establish a formidable brand presence that your ideal audience can trust and connect with emotionally. With our 3D cube logo reveal, your brand will get the attention it deserves.


The takeaway


The purpose of adding a logo opening scene is to ensure viewers watch your videos to the end. It entices and hooks them so they’ll dwell on your website or channel longer. Creating a logo stinger sounds pretty easy to do, but a lot of creative work goes into the process.

If you’re looking to make a high-quality logo animation reveal for your advertisements or other promotional videos, try a premade template. Let’s recap what the main advantages are and why your business needs this. First, you can start with a small investment and scale your production quickly. Finally, a fast video maker that works for startups of all sizes and budgets.

Our app is a cloud-based suite, so you don’t have to download any software or install plugins. Once you own the license for the template, you may reuse it as many times as you wish. It uses automation to speed up tedious, repetitive tasks like editing, cropping, rendering, and so forth.

Want to increase ROI as a business? Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription to unlock premium features and maximize cost savings.

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