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Make Amazing Corporate Intro Video with After Effects template

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What’s the importance of a news intro?

News is one of the essential things in our lives because it informs, educates, and makes people aware of current affairs across the globe. Nowadays, with digital journalism, it’s effortless to access information from anywhere, and for that reason, people’s lives are more manageable. Unlike back in the day, people had to wait for a specific time for the news to air on their national television.

If you’re keen, you’ll notice that media houses usually have a news intro before the news commences to grab viewers’ attention. Okay, I know what you’re thinking: must they use a news introduction video? The truth is, the news makes people feel connected, and if you are looking for a news intro template that will help you create an outstanding video that will market your brand, you’re at the right place.

Our corporate intro after effects template will fit your requirements perfectly; you only need to insert up to thirteen video clips, fourteen text lines, and a logo image. By ensuring that your video doesn’t exceed fifteen seconds, you can make it ideal for reporting breaking news or use it during news briefings when there’s a high number of viewers, making it perfect for brands to advertise their products. Therefore, kindly ensure that you invest in this template to have better chances of increasing your brand visibility.

What is our corporate intro after effects all about?

As an online video production company, we boast of over eight years of experience where we professionally design templates to help companies market their brands. If you look at the above template, it gives you an idea of how to create a captivating video with unique graphics and themes. We also have a team of professional video editors who design user-friendly templates to enable you to have a better experience.

So long as your business runs on a small or large scale, you can use our video maker template to create an awesome news introduction video. A video will give you a chance to convince your viewers that your brand is the best, especially since it’s easy to use. If you follow the simple steps of creating a video with this template, producing a masterpiece will take only a few minutes.

With that said, let’s see how fast you can create your video; the first process is to log in to your account then select the template above to start building your video. The moment you click on the template, it will give you access to all the editing tools you need to customize your video; if you want to make it more attractive, you can add a copy-right free song from the music library. Alternatively, if the songs provided don’t fit with your persona, you’re free to upload one from your device.


Once done, you can produce your video by playing a free preview to see how it appears; if it’s perfect and you like the appearance, then you can buy it at an affordable price. Then you can download your video in different formats and sizes to share on various social media platforms. Our payment options let you transact from anywhere across the planet.

We give you the option of paying per video or signing up for a monthly subscription. When you become our subscriber, it means that you get to access our unlimited video templates for the entire month.

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