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Make 3D Circle Logo Reveal Video with After Effects template

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How to make your brand stand out with animated logo reveal


Have a brand or business you want to promote or advertise? This 3D circle logo reveal clip lets you create a unique and memorable brand identity for any startup. Leave a mark that makes your brand unmissable and easy to spot.


Unveil your company logo with modern motion graphics and an unforgettable tagline. Animate and resize your logo image for your intro in a snap. Define what your business does, stands for, and include a catchy motto to grab viewers’ attention.


Use your dynamic illustrations, footage, pictures, and music to improve storytelling. Quick, affordable video creation technique. Do you want to learn how to increase your brand recognition value with our logo animation maker?


Create 3D metal logo reveal for any brand


Powerful online editor with built-in special effects, design tools, and intuitive dashboard features to automate video creation. Watch the featured template above and tailor it for your business if you like what you see. Tap Edit to access the composition files and upload your saved media into the editing tool.


Discover creative designer-made assets, including illustrations, photos, animation, and footage for your video. Customize background elements, apply filters, transitions, typography, and incorporate your brand colors with ease. Find the perfect melody to match your video theme.


Elevate the mood with mesmerizing music, perfectly timed scenes, and stylish transitional effects. String all your media together for a captivating logo reveal sequence. Our editor renders your video automatically. Download your final draft as an Mp4 file to use however you like.


Integrate circle logo reveal After Effects animation into your intro easily


This professional video template has an adaptive design that allows you to maximize your creative potential. Creating brand reveal videos has never been this simple. You don’t need any expert skills or design experience to make industry-standard marketing videos. Let me explain the top three reasons to use this customized video project.


  • Limitless customization options. Although each template has a fixed framework, you can tweak the design with personalized branding treatments and color adjustments.


  • Professionally designed graphics. Expertly crafted by experienced motion designers, these templates feature effective transitions, typography, and special effects.


  • Time-efficient video designing. Pre-loaded templates allow you to cut, trim and render your scenes quickly. Plus, it speeds up time-consuming processes to streamline your workflow.


Advertise your brand with this quick liquid metal logo reveal animation


What can you accomplish in 10 seconds? Your audience won’t forget your brand after watching your logo sting. Use it to improve how your brand communicates and interacts with your ideal target audience.


Whether your business wants to generate a buzz for its pre-launch campaign or increase brand value, this logo animation will deliver results. It can help your startup spark brand interest, raise awareness, and drive conversions. You can either create a standalone visualizer or pair it with your introduction.


Our liquid metal logo reveal kit provides all the essential resources to express your business personality. Reveal what makes your brand indifferent, worth it, and a leader. With logo animation like this, your company can showcase market knowledge, expertise, and passion.


The takeaway


Your business needs something symbolic to bring meaning to its purpose. That’s why logo animation is so essential. The best way to enhance your brand appeal is to be consistent, professional, and transparent.


Visual consistency is vital in brand promotion. When making promotional videos, you must add fonts, color schemes, logo design, and graphics that fit your brand. All of this plays an integral role in improving brand recognition and recall.


Prebuilt video templates are a worthwhile investment because it lets you advertise your brand effortlessly. It’s an economical way to increase output, boost conversions, and improve your bottom line. But don’t take my word for it; purchase our unlimited monthly subscription.

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