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Make Tech Logo Reveal Video Online with After Effects template

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Here is a hi-tech logo that can win customers!

Have you wondered why your brand isn't getting adequate attention online? You've tried advertising your company on different platforms, but you're just not getting through to the audience. Well, perhaps it's your approach. So many marketers, brands, and advertisers think they've got it figured out, but their conversion statistics say otherwise.


Can't get the context concept correct? That's OK. Nowadays, there are automated templates for that. It's time you try a hi-tech logo animation, as seen in the featured video above. It brings creative customization and personalization options to your fingertips.


Are you in the technology space? Logo reveals let your brand tap into a different degree of leveraging power. So, this is what your business needs to generate interest and attention for your brand.


Do a quick brand introduction with After Effects tech logo reveal


You'll quickly realize that a considerable percentage of brand logos representing companies today are animated. Logo animation injects life into your brand and gives it extra flair to attract viewers. Animated elements allow you to communicate your ideas and messages innovatively.


This tech logo animation is fully customizable and plays for 10 seconds. It contains expertly designed high-resolution motion graphics to enhance your brand logo design. It'll help you affirm brand originality, raise awareness, show expertise, and improve storytelling.


This dynamic CPU logo animation is ready to use. It features one customizable text layer and two logo placeholders. That way, you can make your project look official with branding and a catchy tagline that says it all.


Why reveal your brand with a hi-tech video logo animation?


Your business logo shares an identity with your brand. It represents your company's values, purpose, and mission. Let me explain in simple terms why your tech startup should invest in a high-quality logo opener like the video above.


  • Create brand consistency. With a logo design that clearly and correctly represents your brand across various platforms, anyone watching your videos will know who to contact.


  • Establish an emotional relationship with customers. The way your logo engages viewers through its brand touchpoints determines if you'll earn their loyalty and business. It's crucial to craft a logo design that puts your audience in the desired mood.


  • Build trust and credibility. Your logo is the first line of interaction prospects will get to know before meeting someone from your company. Therefore, your logo must provoke the right kind of reaction from them. Depending on how it makes them feel, they'll learn to trust and appreciate your brand.


  • Raise consumer expectations. Your business needs a professional-looking logo just like this for anyone to take it seriously. Furthermore, customers will form an opinion of your business based on how you package and present it to them.


  • Differentiate your business from competitors. So how do you prove your brand is second to none? Logo animation can convey different emotions to get a reaction from your target audience. Similarly, you can show everyone why your brand is a leader and how it intends to help consumers.




With our tech logo reveal animation, you can build a resilient brand image that your audience won't ever forget. This pre-rendered video project has easy-to-use customization features to adjust the timeline parameters and tweak the settings. You can also alter specific background elements, use different colors and text styles to match the footage.


Furthermore, our template adjustment controls allow you to adjust the timing, duration, and speed of transitions. You won't have to lift a finger when rendering your clips, just hit produce, and our online video creator will do the rest. The final product is downloadable in standard definition if you don't have our unlimited subscription.


On the contrary, you get a better deal if you purchase our unlimited monthly subscription. This plan includes all-you-can-download HD videos without watermark branding. Plus, you'll receive alerts every time we publish new templates.

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