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Make Elegant Logo Animation Video with After Effects template

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What is an animated logo?

A logo represents a brand's personality. However, an incredible logo can set your brand ahead of your competitors. On the other hand, an animated logo can set up a worthwhile brand picture as a productive marketing strategy.

Long gone are the days of static visual and print-engaged communication. With present-day innovation, you can bring a new breath into your company logo by using different video templates that are easily accessible. For example, you can create an elegant animation video by inserting one text line and a logo image with the above logo animation template.

If you're looking to animate your logo, you can do it all alone with this template at your disposal. It's easy to make a logo intro video in minutes since the template is user-friendly. With a captivating video, you can command attention from your viewers in 16 seconds.

Here's why you need to use a logo animation video

Ever since people realized the importance of logo animation, several startups and established organizations connected with video production companies explain why animated logos have become the trend for almost every brand. Having a logo introduction video is a decent way of staying ahead of your competitors since it shows innovation.

The first impression dramatically affects how people view an item; it takes a few seconds to decide whether we like something. Since a logo is the leading representative of a brand, it needs to establish a good first impression with prospective customers. An outstanding animated logo is a great way to hook your viewers' attention and leave them with a memorable impression.

Did you know that 85% of viewers don't watch videos that have no sound? Marketers should use every tool at their disposal to engage viewers further. For example, this template has a music library to select a music track and incorporate it into your video.

Benefits of using logo animation online

Increase brand awareness

The use of motion graphics is a suitable method of increasing brand awareness. A logo intro video instantly communicates a message and grabs viewers' attention. Creating a memorable logo intro video will allow your brand to be firmly printed into your customers' minds. An ideal logo is a key to the visual identity of your brand.

Boost SEO

Embedding your animated video to your website can boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Statistically, videos increase the number of time visitors spends viewing a web page. It's crucial to note that Google's algorithm considers this; that's why animated videos are more likely to boost your Google search ranking.

Additionally, posting your video on YouTube will still impact your Google ranking positively. The higher you appear on the google search ranking, the better your brand's online visibility.

Offline engagement

When used correctly, animation videos can be a compelling medium in your digital marketing strategy. You can improve your PowerPoint presentation by using animation to reduce the time required to deliver a message to your audience.

Stimulate emotions

Using videos is a great way to evoke emotions in your audience. Texts can be convincing, but visuals are more effective. With this template, you can tell your brand's story and have the power to stimulate specific reactions with an animated video.


As a business owner, now is the time to make sure that your brand stands out. Guess what? You don't need thousands of dollars to make a video using this template because our prices are pretty affordable. You only need to part away with a few bucks.



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