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Make Photo Intro Video with Professional After Effects template

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Here’s a chance to make a lasting impression with a photo intro

Do you want to learn how to make a photo intro with the After Effects template? You can make a photo intro video with the above template by inserting up to thirty video clips, two text lines, and two logo images. With a total video duration of twenty-two seconds, you can grab your viewers’ attention with a captivating intro.

With a 3D photo video gallery, you can increase your brand recognition, and any idea presented as an intro video is more exciting and can attract public attention. Believe it or not, introduction videos can never look dull; they successfully convey messages, and businesses aiming at social media must embrace this type of video marketing. We all understand how influential social media is, and for any business to achieve its objective effectively, it has to develop a strategy to leverage its brand effectively.

The greatest thing about this template is that you can accomplish your objective by making a professional introduction video; as a result, your brand could reach more people quickly. In this digital era, the world is now a tiny village, and any video posted on social media can quickly go viral, positively impacting your brand. For that reason, you’ll never go wrong creating and using a video on various social media networks.

What makes a 3D photo video gallery great

With the increase in technology, brand promotion is no longer the same because brand influencers and digital marketers worldwide are always looking for innovative ways to promote brands.

One of the best methods to grow your business is to use intro videos; it’s the quickest way to attract prospective clients. According to research conducted in 2013, the average duration of attention span is about ten seconds; this is enough reason to keep your video short and precise.

According to scientists, most humans are visual learners. They absorb at least 70% of video info than text; this means people find it uncomfortable to read too much information, particularly when they can understand it through a short video clip.

That’s another excellent reason to use more videos to market and advertise your brand. Another great benefit of using videos to promote your business is that they persuade viewers to understand your brand, products, and services better.

Did you know that having an intro video for your brand can increase communication between you and your clients? For instance, have you tried to persuade your customers with a brochure full of explanations about your products and services? I don’t think you managed to do that, but if you send your clients a video message, you’ll instantly capture their attention because it will smoothly explain more about your products.


As a startup business owner, you’re always looking for ways to gain more customers, and with this template at your disposal, you’re 100% sure that customers will come running your practice. Not only can you create a professional video, but you can also make a high-quality production thanks to the built-in editing tools in the template.

If you want to add background music to your introduction video, consider selecting a royalty-free song from the ones available in our music library. If you’re wondering, we usually charge a small fee before you download your video in several formats and sizes. In short, get started today and watch how your business will boom with grace.


Effective Brand Intro Video Strategies

Boost your brand's impact with effective intro video strategies that captivate your audience. Learn how to create engaging intro videos that showcase your business in the best light. With our customizable templates, you can easily create custom 3D photo video intros that enhance your brand's visibility and attract more attention.

Visual marketing with intro videos is a game-changer for small businesses. Our intro video templates are designed to help you create quick, attention-grabbing intro videos that stand out. Leverage the power of social media with intro videos that boost your brand's presence and leave a lasting impression on your audience.
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