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Make Glitch Logo Reveal Video Online with After Effects template

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Learn how to make glitch logo effects that look amazing

Can’t think of something original for your next logo design? Here’s a simple, exquisite motion graphics template to add unique flavor to your logo reveal video. This logo animation has an edgy, minimalist design.


It ideally fits brands in fashion, entertainment, technology, and any business that wants to put some electrifying energy into their logo reveal with distortion text effects. Are you wondering how quickly you can tailor this mockup to your brand needs? Our glitch logo pack plays your logo and slogan for eight seconds.


Imagine what it would be like to have total creative control when making your brand or product launch videos. Well, now you’ve got the best After Effects video maker, so the possibilities are endless. Interestingly, you don’t even need expert motion design skills or training to pull off a stunning act.

Wrap your brand in the perfect After Effects glitch logo reveal for instant recognition


Businesses create these exciting segments to announce upcoming events, new product launches and share important news about their company. Ideally, this helps them showcase how modern, tech-savvy, and professional their enterprise is. So you want to do a big reveal for your brand?


Look no further than our glitch logo sample here. Using logo animation as a brand communication tool is beneficial in many ways. It gives your ideal audience something tangible and perceivable to interact with through your brand touchpoints.


That way, your brand will affect their lives positively, enabling them to connect with it on a deeper emotional level. Now you can effortlessly give your brand story depth, build recognition, and increase social impact. It’s vital to have a clean logo reveal that echoes simplicity and professionalism in your corporate ads.


Fully customizable After Effects motion graphics template


Our templated-based editor works with footage or images. You can also use a combination of both, depending on what you want to accomplish. This template has a multipurpose design that can complement any topic and industry.


You’ll be able to integrate these pre-rendered graphics with no problem. All it takes is a couple of clicks with our drag-and-drop customization tool to tweak the layers. You can either use it to enhance your next creative intro project or create a standalone logo stinger.


Replace all presets with saved footage and photos or custom stock assets from our online media gallery. Customize the background colors, text fonts, size, and animate your logo. On top of that, you can jazz it up with your favorite jingle, add unique graphic elements and branding for a personalized design.

Fast After Effects Glitch logo maker - simple automation


Use our built-in control settings to add texture to the layers. It uses auto-rendering, so you don’t have to move a muscle. Just drop in your assets and watch our online video editor go to work. Try different graphic assets until you find the best fit for your video project.


You can effortlessly apply transition effects and filters to enhance the scenes in your timeline. You get all the essential creative assets you need with our template and access to the best motion design tools to tweak the settings. Preview your project to see the transformation in real-time as you make the desired changes.


Download multiple copies of your completed project in full HD without watermark branding (Mp4 format) to use as you wish. Plus, your downloaded video is universally compatible with various external editing programs. What this means, in a nutshell, is that you can export your video to any software of your choice so that you can do advanced edits.




Are you ready to test drive our pre-designed glitch logo pack? Go ahead! You won't regret this investment. Learn how to use After Effects video templates to streamline your workflow, speed up delivery, and save money. Our template is perfect for commercial use and personal video-making projects.


Try an automated template for free. Love the results? Order a one-off HD copy for a one-time payment or purchase our unlimited monthly subscription for the best savings.

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