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Make Glitch Neon Logo Reveal Video with After Effects template

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Make a neon logo reveal video with after effects template

Do you often wonder how easy it is to identify a brand by looking at its logo instantly? Some people can even correctly guess the nature of a business by simply staring at the logo for the very first time, even if they've never come across the industry before. Having a logo is a very crucial part of your business because it symbolizes your company's identity and significantly impacts your brand's public perception.

A logo is more than an appearance. Many people identify it as the face of a company because it's usually the first thing potential customers will notice about your business. Most of the time, a logo is typically a point of recognition for customers and a critical foundation for the branding of your business. Did you know that clients can form an opinion about your company within the first few minutes? For that reason, if you have an exciting logo intro video, you can positively impact your business.

Okay, I know what you're thinking; how do you go about creating a fantastic video? You can make a logo reveal video with the above template by inserting one text line and a logo image. Kindly note that your video shouldn't exceed eleven seconds because people prefer watching short videos to longer ones.

Why does a business need a glitch logo reveal video?

We live in a tech world; with that said, your logo reveal video online can be lucrative for your brand. You're spoilt with choices; for instance, you can add your video to your website or sales page. Let's say you want to increase audience engagement and sales; if that is the case, social media is also an excellent platform to consider because you can widely share your video. As luck would have it, you can download your video in so many formats and sizes with this template.

Suppose you've been looking for a logo intro template to enable you to create a fantastic video that allows your audience to understand more about your business. In that case, this template is the real deal. Think about that for a minute: by persuading viewers' to watch your video and learn new things, you can earn more honesty from your viewers. Okay, I know what you're thinking: you don't have any video editing skills; how can you manage to create a masterpiece?

With this template, we give you a convenient experience to enable you to have sophisticated expertise during the entire video creation process, so long as you're a beginner or an expert in video editing. The easiest way to convince people about viewing your content is to make sure that it's professional and high-quality; thankfully, you can achieve all that thanks to this template. Are you wondering how you can start the video creation process? The process is quite simple; read on to find out.

Here's how you can make your glitch logo intro video

You now understand how important it is to have a logo intro for your business, so let's learn how to make one: the simple video creation process. You need to log in to your account on our website and start creating by adding your logo and text. You can also maximize the inbuilt editing tools to make your video more fun, but remember to keep your video short and precise. If you want, you can add background music by selecting a track from the music library.

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