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Make Glitch Logo Reveal Video Online with After Effects template

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Logo reveal video maker - why do brands need it?


For some time now, you’ve been considering logo reveals but never thought you could pull it off because of your limited advertising budget. Now that you’ve found our platform, you’re about to discover how far you can stretch your digital marketing budget. Not only that, you’ll learn how to create a professional logo animation with zero motion design skills.


Try this spectacular video project featuring glitch effects for your first-ever logo reveal. It’s easy when you use pre-defined templates like this because customization is point-and-click simple. Plus, you’ve got an arsenal of cutting-edge editing tools to breeze through animating this template.


You’ll find them right on the dashboard when you open the template folder. These are pretty hands-on, so you don’t need a manual, but we also provide on-screen instructions to help you navigate. Have you ever found yourself uninspired? One look at this ad design will ignite your creative engine, so don’t worry!


Glitch logo reveal After Effects template - animate your intro quickly!


You need an account to make advertisements, so sign up now! Like what you see? Click edit to launch the video maker and customize this mockup to create the best logo sting ever.


Let’s get started! Just click the upload button to import media assets from any source (connected device or desktop computer). It contains one business logo placeholder and slots for video clips or photos and text (1 line). Choose a compelling track as your background music to set the mood and improve memorability.


This technology logo intro applies glitchy effects to display your company icon or name innovatively. The runtime is only 16 seconds. Give your logo animation an exquisite, edgy look that makes it uniquely identifiable. It also lets you add personalized branding elements and make color adjustments.


Technology logo intro maker - what is a video intro?


As the name suggests, the purpose of an intro is to introduce your enterprise and explain what drives your brand. It tells viewers everything about the products/services your company is promoting or selling. These are generally brief and to-the-point, lasting about 10 seconds.


Some businesses make longer videos depending on what they want to achieve. Moreover, intro videos are versatile and can have different objectives, for example, logo opener. This type of intro uses theatrics to entertain the audience while presenting information about your company.


What is the fastest way to learn how to create an opening for a video? Try this logo opener animation. It will help you make perfect designs every time.


Customizable logo reveal template - what are the benefits?


If you want show-stopping theatrics in your videos, get this logo reveal animation for unveiling your brand. Remember to supply high-resolution images and video files. You’ll also have the option to download your new logo stinger in high-definition (no watermark).


Self-serve templates are readily available whenever you need them. Save yourself the frustration of hunting a highly skilled designer or trusted agency. With this versatile tool in your arsenal, you can skip buying After Effects software.


This logo reveal design lets you generate decent intro videos for your blog, YouTube, social media, and website with ease. Look how simple the process is: put your technology company logo on this reel to add glitch distortion. Stamp your digital signature on all of your marketing videos to improve brand memorability and recall.




Using a ready-to-use template for company logo reveal is time-efficient and cost-friendly. But don’t just take my word for it: try our logo intro maker today. Get innovative logo designs at competitively low prices that deliver marketing ROI quickly.


You can generate a professionally branded business ad in 30 minutes. Each template has modular controllers to help you execute tasks quickly and efficiently. Effortlessly keep up with design trends, improve brand consistency, and increase video production value.


Also, it helps your brand maintain a consistent content schedule and marketing strategy to avoid confusing customers. Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription today.

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