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Create A Intro Animation Trailer Video with Laser Effects

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We’ve created this template with a lot of laser effects, to point out key messages to your potential customers and viewers. Apart from the inserted logo at the end of the movie trailer, the template also has video folders, where you can upload your own images or footage.

What would you advertise with this intro animation template?

This template is great for advertising of any type of product or service, game, or a movie trailer, even a high-tech business company. It is adjustable to match a theme and a style that you require, with color changes to the text, background, and special effects. Background music and sound effects make this video trailer even more colorful and great looking.

Where would you use an HD made logo intro from this template? You can upload it to your website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social network of your choice and seen by a large audience of viewers.

How can you make money by re-seeling our videos?

Our video editor web app is a unique and sophisticated tool, that allows people to create a logo into, video trailer or any type of explainer video in a matter of minutes up to an hour. It all depends on the complexity of the special effects used in any particular template of your choice. Our professional animators made sure that editing the template itself is a very easy task for anyone.

We offer to everyone tp start reselling our videos at any website similar to fiverr.com. All you have to do is to buy our subscription - pay per month, and create as many videos as you want during that period. You can create your website and with good SEO and advertising of it, you can succeed in making a lot of money by using our video editor to produce and re-sell high-quality video trailers, logo animations, whiteboards, and other explainer videos, that your customers would be interested in.

How long would it take to produce a logo intro?

It doesn't take long to edit a template and our servers can do a render job very fast, so you don't have to wait a long time to produce an HD quality 10 seconds logo animation or a 2 minutes' explainer video. Our video editing software is one of the best online tools on the market to edit templates, that are done in After Effects. 

Don't miss an opportunity to make a lot of money with our subscription or creating a great-looking low-cost logo animation trailer, that will please and surprise you in every aspect of your requirements.
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