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Create Lightning Storm Energy Logo Animation Video with Music

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Why your business needs a lightning logo animation video

When it comes to branding, your logo image is the face of your company; it represents your organization and its values. On the other hand, a logo animation video is a brand-building method that businesses use to communicate their brand message to the audience. Let’s dig deeper: companies don’t need to be shy about their identities when it comes to visuals.

It’s either you go big or go home, but with so many brands out there using animated logos, some people still don’t know the role of these videos. Let me explain further: an animated logo is a short video with simple movements of your logo image. Animations are becoming a popular way of marketing since they can easily capture people’s attention. Consider creating a stunning logo reveal with this template by adding one text line and a logo image.

Have you ever found yourself wondering why most businesses are embracing video content? Many people spend most of their time online watching videos in this digital age, making it easy for brands to market their businesses. Therefore, using an animated logo as part of your marketing strategy can positively impact your startup business.

How to create a storm energy animated logo?

A logo is a visual representation of a company’s identity, and it serves as a trademark as well. It is often used as an identity system for different branding variants and versions. Animated logos are becoming increasingly more popular. With the rise of social media and the growth of mobile apps, people are more than happy to see their logos in motion anytime they look at them.

When it comes to creating your animated logo, this template gives you different layouts and designs that you can use. Because so many brands use animated logos, you might want to make yours stand out when creating it. If you’re going to make it appealing to the viewers, consider making your video short and precise. With this template, you can make a video of at least ten seconds.

Animated logos are compelling for many reasons, such as:

They subconsciously communicate an idea or message.

They attract more attention than static logos.

They display a sense of life and movement.

They increase your brand awareness.

They are an effective tool for marketing and advertising.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: how can you produce a high-quality animated logo without video editing experience? You can kick your worries to the curb; the template is user-friendly, and you can generate a professional video in minutes. Do you have an account with us? If not, sign up for free and begin creating your video.


Using an animated logo is a dynamic way to present your brand image; it’s also an excellent method to display your brand’s personality and attract loyal customers. With a captivating video comprising background music, you can stand out from your competitors by showing innovativeness.

With companies coming up every day, many brands have similar logos. To bring exclusivity to your logo, adding motion is the ultimate solution. Combining your logo with visual graphics and effects will leave a memorable impression on people’s minds.

The above template will help you get creative when creating your video by giving you access to free inbuilt editing tools. With this template, you can create a logo reveal video that perfectly suits your style at an affordable price.

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