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Create A Slideshow Explainer Video With Lighting Effects

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Remarkable special effects of lighting will light your explainer video to the viewers in the most amazing way. This template is designed for producing a slideshow video with descriptive text to advertise your business or website. Cool lighting strikes, special image filters makes the video look very unique and presentable.

What is a slideshow explainer video?

A slide show video is a presentation of a series of still images or video footage in a pre-arranged sequence with some special effects. The word explainer means that the video has some text lines in it that explains what each image or footage represents.

The slideshow can be animated very clean with just changing images or have nice special effects and photo filters added to it. In this template, you will find many adjustable effects to adopt your slideshow explainer video with a product that you advertising.

You can insert still images or video footage material inside this template, whichever works better for your explanation fo business. Some people prefer using still images, so the viewer has more time to read the message that is attached to the same scene. If you are not using much text in it, you may as well use a nicely recorded footage in your advertising video to show more details about your services or product.

How can you use lighting effects in your advert?

When you advertise your product or business you always try to make a very catchy video. Everyone always trying to use some special effects, so the viewer develops the interest to watch your video all the way till the end. In our case, we used an animated lighting effect to bring attention to important information that is placed in this slideshow explainer video.

To create such lighting effects, you do need to possess great skills and knowledge in video editing software. However, our video editor allows anyone without any experience to edit the template and make adjustments, so it properly fits the needed requirements.

How to create an explainer slideshow video?

Producing a slideshow explained video can be a hustle. There are many places that offer their services in creating such advertising videos. However, not all of them can do a great job or make it fast enough. Our online video editing software is a great choice for anyone who is looking to create a professional video very fast and at a low cost.

By completing a few simple steps, you will end up with an amazing-looking slideshow explainer video for your advertising. It's very easy to edit the template itself and if you are still not sure how to do it, do watch our short tutorial video on site. It will explain to you everything in detail on how and what to do.

Still, hesitate? Well, editing the template and producing a sample video is free of charge, so go ahead and click the button above to start. After you watch a sample video and fully happy with a result, you can buy an HD quality slideshow at a very low fee or by buying our monthly subscription. If you want to save time and money, you are in the right place and we promise that you will not be disappointed with a result.
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