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4 Tips for Promoting Your Business on a Budget

Scaling your business requires time, effort, and money. If you’re aiming for exponential growth, you might want to invest more resources in your marketing campaign. Budgets vary from one brand to another, but you don’t have to pay more to get your products or services across.

Small business owners, startups, and boutique businesses can still compete for customers without spending on premium tools and marketing lists. All it takes is knowing a few cost-effective strategies, and the following tips should help boost your business’s visibility without breaking the bank:

1. Invest in word-of-mouth

Word-of-mouth is still an effective means to spur interest in your offers. Your business can do well in encouraging customers to spread the word and refer their friends and family members.

Whenever you gain a customer, incentivize them to talk about your brand or write a review or testimonial about their experience. Your products and services get traction across multiple social circles. Besides that, input from existing customers can also add to your business’s credibility.

2. Make great social media content

Having a social media presence is essential. While it helps to run Facebook and Twitter ads that are guaranteed to raise engagement, you can still find success in creating content that has viral potential.

You need to learn about your audience and track industry trends. From there, you can come up with content such as advertisement videos, infographics, and slideshows that add value to your audience. It takes time to create great content, but it’s better than boosting Facebook posts and Tweets that won’t give you the results you want.

3. Use free tools and resources

You can benefit significantly from premium subscriptions for a wide range of marketing tools. Then again, you can still make the most out of basic plans if you have little room in your marketing budget.

If you plan a series of video tutorials as part of your YouTube marketing campaign, professional editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro can cost you $20 a month.

In case that’s too much, you can always look for video editing software available free of charge. Platforms like Canva and Visme are more cost-effective than Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator for social media content.

4. Join online groups and attend events

If you want your business to thrive at a lower cost, you will have to join events that provide you with an opportunity to get your brand across. In-person events like conferences and expos give an avenue to build your network and introduce your products and services upfront.

You can also join these events as a resource speaker or a panelist. In addition, you can look for online groups in your industry. You can share insights about the latest developments in your industry and talk about how your business is responding to recent trends. Using these means, you will grow your influence and visibility organically.

Even if you have minimal resources on hand, you can still enhance your brand presence and let customers know you exist. Keep these tips in mind and grow your business on a budget.
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