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Make Clean Corporate Slideshow Video with After Effects template

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Learn how to create a clean, corporate presentation video

Corporate videos don’t have to be monotonous; you can make them fun, vibrant, and engaging enough so that people will want to do business with you? In this article, we’ll dig deep into how to create a short corporate slideshow video with this template on a budget in less than thirty minutes. Let’s get started: with this corporate video maker, you can create a short video by inserting up to ten video clips, thirteen text lines, and a logo image.

There are two major styles of corporate videos: internal and external. Internal videos are typically for people who work at your company; it’s usually a message to be repeated. For example, you can turn your messages into videos to save time; some common types are workplace explainer videos, employee onboarding videos, or company culture videos.

Most of the time, external corporate videos are customarily used to market and advertise; with that said, our clean parallax slideshow maker makes it fast and easy to create that’s in line with the quality of your marketing videos for less money. Imagine designing, editing, customizing, downloading, and saving your video at a small fee? All that is possible, thanks to this template.

Here’s how you can use your corporate presentation video

If you’re not sure what to use corporate videos for, here are a few ideas to get you started.

A customer testimonial video

Did you know that most websites with video content are fifty times more likely to get to the first page of google? What does this mean? Higher Google rankings mean improved search engine optimization (SEO), which leads to higher conversion rates.

An about video

Let’s assume that you already have an ‘about’ section on your website. But the question is, does anyone read it? A great ‘about us’ video can support what your brand stands for and give assurance far much better than a few paragraphs on your website.

An explainer video

It’s challenging to convince people to purchase something they don’t know. A good explainer video introduces your brand and covers crucial questions about your business and how you can provide a solution to your customers.

A FAQ video

Make videos that give answers to the most common questions about your products and services. You can minimize the workload for customer service teams and increase your overall customer experience.

Product or service demo videos

An excellent demo video can assist you in getting more clients, ease the learning curve for new customers, and reduce the pressure on your customer service teams. The trick is to create a short and precise video; in this case, with a total video duration of one minute and eleven seconds, that’s enough time to explain your product or services from point A to Z.


There are several ways to design your video; everything depends on your brand personality and what you want your business to display. Is your brand fun and creative? Or do you intend to take a more professional approach?

It’s essential to be clear about your brand’s voice before you begin making your video. Thankfully, this template will give you several ideas about creating your video and how to make good use of the inbuilt editing tools that are available. Suppose you want to get creative and insert background music into your video, consider selecting a royalty-free song from our music library.

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