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Photo Slideshow Maker with Music

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Making photo slideshow videos with music has never been easier. This template allows you to create a photo slideshow video for up to 36 seconds. You can insert up to 19 video clips, 20 text lines, and a logo image.

A slideshow is a compilation of different photos or video clips. We use Adobe After Effects to produce the video; it's the best production software globally and allows advanced special effects.

As you can see in the sample video above, the animation is synchronized with the music, making the video much more enjoyable. Notice that you cannot add or remove more slides from the template, its design is fixed, but you can always download the mp4 video file and cut it with a regular video editing program.


How to make photo and video slideshows using our photo video maker?


Step 1:

Insert your content into text, pictures, or any other document you prefer inside the displayed video parts. Preview all the details in the image preview to ensure their correctness before proceeding to the next step.


Step 2:

Select a music track for the video. We provide a great collection of quality stock music. We also offer an option to upload an mp3 file of your choice. Another exciting feature of our slideshow maker with music is that you can change the music even after the video has been produced.


Step 3:

Produce a free preview video and the final HD video. The preview quality is usually low but good enough for you to check for errors that the video may have. Once confident that the preview video is correct, produce the final HD video.


Why do you need slideshows for your photos and videos?


Slideshow videos are great for promoting your business and the products you sell, making them a good choice for your marketing campaign.

Be it for advertising properties of a real estate broker or a startup company, give it a try and be amazed by the professional quality of this template.

The slideshow-making process is easy to understand and requires just a few minutes to complete. It is free to make low-resolution videos with watermarks on all our video templates. After payment, the watermark will be removed, and the video will be delivered in Full HD.

Our slideshow creator allows you to add music, photo, or text. You can download the Full HD video and post it to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

We have flexible and affordable payment plans to suit your needs. You can decide to pay per video, subscribe to our monthly plan, and have unlimited access to Full HD videos from our video maker templates.

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