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Make Shocking Movie Trailer Video with After Effects template

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Make a movie subtitles trailer in minutes

Have you ever tried watching a foreign movie with English subtitles? Most people find movies with subtitles helpful since they’re able to understand the storyline better. Subtitles are a great addition to most video content, whether it’s a short promo video, film, or TV show.

Although some people may find subtitles annoying, however, if you look at the bigger picture the titles do play a significant role in displaying the speech or the conversation of a video. As a filmmaker, it’s vital always to include them in your film to capture a bigger audience. For example, with this video template, you can create an exceptional cool movie subtitles trailer that can positively influence the reception of your film.

The title trailer creation process is simple. All you have to do is insert up to 26 video clips, 37 text lines, and a logo image. The total video duration shouldn’t exceed 38 seconds.

The benefits of using movie subtitles

They make video content easily accessible

Content with subtitles is easily accessible to anyone anywhere because it accommodates everyone. Let’s assume that you work in a sound-sensitive environment like a library or work office; you can still enjoy watching the movie and get to understand the whole storyline. The same case applies to noisy places such the shopping malls or other public places.

They offer clarity


An engaging cool movie trailer with captions offers clarity. Can you imagine how it will feel like watching a foreign movie without captions? It will be challenging to understand the storyline. However, if a film has subtitles, it will clarify viewers to enjoy watching the film.

They improve literacy and understanding

Statistically, subtitles have a significant influence on the literacy of people. People who watch media with captions have a better understanding of the content than those who don’t. Captions also improve reading speed, fluency, and even listening ability.

They broaden your audience

Movie trailers with captions are highly marketable since they reach a bigger audience and allow viewers to explore more films. It’s also advantageous to filmmakers and video production companies because it sets them ahead of their competitors.

What makes our dark movie trailer exceptional?

There are so many online video templates out there. What makes ours different is that it's professional and designed by experienced video editing experts. When it comes to creating a video, creativity is vital.

For that reason, our templates are easily customizable, and you can make your video unique. In addition, it has inbuilt editing tools to enable you to play around with the font and color feature to create an outstanding video. You’ll never go wrong with a video that has background music.

The above video template provides you with the option of adding a music track to your video. You can choose a track from the ones available in the template, or on the other hand, you can upload one from your device.


Creating a movie subtitles trailer is essential for any filmmaker out there. As a video production company, we’ve made the process easier by creating a readymade video template. What makes this template ideal is that you’ll find value for your money because it’s affordable.


With the rise of digital migration, social media has dramatically influenced video performance. Most video producers have developed social media marketing strategies to advertise their films, and you shouldn’t be an exception. Since you already have all the tools to create a perfect movie title trailer, now is the time to show the world if your film is worth watching.





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