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Make A Shocking Text Animation Titles Video In Minutes

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As you can see from the sample video displayed above, our title maker will help you create distortion special effect technology text titles with a duration of up to 36 seconds. This movie title maker also has space to insert up to 15 text lines and even a logo image.


How to create animated video titles using our title creator


With our title video maker, it is super easy for you to create professional opening title videos. You get to produce high-quality title videos using the best video templates. Press the button above to start your video project and customize this film title maker.


Clicking the button above will open up our video title maker's editing window, thereby giving you full access to all the available editing options. Our video editor has already been designed for you by our team of the most talented animators globally, making the video creation process even easier.


All you need to do to start the video creation process is to replace the existing content with your own. Ensure that you constantly use the image preview to ascertain the data you input in the display video parts.


You can also add a music track to your music video title to make it more captivating. You can select your favorite song from the stock available on our video title generator or upload one from your computer if none of our video maker's songs please you.


If you are happy with your music selection, produce a free test video to check your video’s errors. If you are confident that your title animation is flawless, produce it in Full HD. You can then download the Full HD video to your device or use the embed code to upload it on various social networks.


Where can you use the text animations?


You can upload the videos on various social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and even Twitter. There is a wide market on such platforms since most people all over the world use them. Therefore, by posting your videos on such platforms, many people learn more about your brand, which increases the chances of getting new customers.


You can also upload the videos on your website. This will help boost the SEO ranking of your website since search engines rank videos better than text. In this way, your website will be easy to find on search engines. This will increase the amount of traffic your website gets.


Why do you need a text video to promote your brand?


To make your brand stand out. There are numerous businesses in the market that are competing for customers. For your brand to survive the stiff competition, you need to convince your audience that it is different from the rest and using title videos is the best way to do this. In that way, you will get a greater customer base, thus increasing the sales you make.


To create more awareness for your brand. In this digital era, videos are the most effective tools to popularize your brand. This is because most people prefer watching videos to reading text. Therefore, using videos to advertise your brand will make it more popular with your target audience.


Why choose our online title creator?


We allow you to create free videos with watermarks before producing them in Full HD. This makes it possible for you to try out various templates before making any purchase. Once you find a template that suits you perfectly, you can then make payment and produce your video in Full HD.


We also have flexible and very affordable payment options that will suit you perfectly. You can either pay per video or subscribe to our monthly plan and create an unlimited number of videos throughout the month without paying any extra fees.

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