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Create Blockbuster Trailer Video on Movie Maker with AE template

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Try this fast After Effects movie trailer maker to boost productivity instantly 


Promotional videos help your business increase visibility on the social map. It’s persuasive and presents information in a concise, easily digestible way. Through multi-sensory stimulation, you can count on it to captivate, engage, educate, and entertain your potential audience. However, you need well-done promo videos to persuade your target demographic.

Movie trailers are also promotional videos. Film producers use them to build enthusiasm for an upcoming movie release. Do you want to learn how to make a trailer for your new feature film? 

I have the perfect tool to simplify the process and help you launch the best movie advertising campaign! The Flame Particle AE template above can make an epic blockbuster movie trailer. Tap the button below this video preview to upload your project for instant customization.


Here is the best movie maker for beginners


Ditch your tedious post-production routine for quick automation with our ready-made movie trailer template. After enduring those gruelling hours cutting, editing, and mixing audio for your project, you’ve got a trailer to make. Wouldn’t you appreciate some rest?


You deserve it! Let me show you how to make a cinematic trailer for your blockbuster in minutes. It’s a compilation of your feature film’s best scenes trimmed down to a compelling story.


The premise of creating these epic previews is to entice your target audience and encourage them to watch your premiere when it drops. It also introduces your lead characters and showcases your creative assets. You want to make that first impression count since it’ll debut in your film.


Do you know what elements make your trailer look fantastic?


Top-performing movie trailers stay relevant even after an official release. You can’t achieve this level of exposure if you don’t have fantastic quality trailers. Your promo trailer will achieve the desired results if you include the correct design elements and sensory triggers.


With premade templates, like our metal title animation, you can apply sophisticated motion graphics and creative special effects. Despite a short runtime, a well-designed trailer can convey detailed messages through visuals and text.


Storyboarding is much more organized when you use a template because it allows you to sequence your relevant assets. You need a sonically sound backing track, preferably in sync with your visual content. To avoid confusion, the tone of your trailer should match that of the full-length feature film.


Create the perfect three-part story with this movie trailer blockbuster template


The beginning should focus on your character introductions, the setting, and the premise. Then, you can tease your audience with exciting fight scenes (the climax) to trigger an adrenaline rush. Lastly, your trailer needs a bitter, sweet, or in-between ending, which should only hint at a possible resolution.


Otherwise, you’ll defy the purpose of encouraging people to watch the full-length movie. Are you eager to see what your project looks like after you apply this Flame Particle background? Add a high-resolution logo image, your project post shots or videos (17 clips), and text (23 lines).


Our fast-rendering movie maker app can deliver a 1-minute trailer in 30 minutes or less. The typical length of a promotional trailer is 1-3 minutes, so this is an ideal cut. After all, shorter previews are better to appease an audience with a shrinking attention span.




Whether you’re creating a trailer for a major release or a short feature film, try this movie trailer blockbuster AE template. Trust me; it will make your job easier. Millions of filmmakers use After Effects software daily to supplement existing post-production strategies or as a primary video rendering method.


Are you an aspiring editor, creative artist, or independent film producer? You can start with pre-animated After Effects as a stepping stone to practising real-time editing. As you know, creative editors and agencies charge a lot of money to create promotional videos.


We design some of the best ready-made templates on the market. With our advanced movie maker software, you can create an animated trailer for any social media channel or website. But don’t just take my word for it; purchase our unlimited monthly subscription and discover assets to grow your business exponentially.


Cinematic Trailers with After Effects

Discover the power of our After Effects movie promo video templates to craft epic blockbuster trailers effortlessly. Customize movie trailer effects and produce high-resolution previews quickly with our professional film trailer creator. Whether you're a seasoned editor or an aspiring filmmaker, our tools streamline the process, ensuring your trailers captivate audiences from start to finish.

Transform your promotional strategies with our best movie promo video templates. Dive into quick movie trailer production and master the art of cinematic storytelling. With customizable effects and seamless editing capabilities, our After Effects movie preview templates are perfect for enhancing your creative projects. Start creating today and unleash your cinematic vision!
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