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Make a Text Movie Trailer in Minutes with After Effects Template

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Simple tips for using trailer video template to improve movie text


Do you want to learn how to make a promotional movie trailer for your company? Whether you’re advertising products or services, try our online movie maker to build your business trailer in a flash. This movie trailer video template comes preloaded with creative assets and special effects to give your production the film treatment.


With it, you’ll have access to modern resources like text animations, graphics, and sound effects for making epic movie trailer features. Create a cinematic 27-second trailer using only your brand image and 15 taglines. You may also include accompanying music for an immersive movie-watching experience.


Finish making your trailer about the same time you take to eat lunch, 30 minutes. Share, download or export your finished copy instantly. Full-HD video (Mp4, no watermark) available for download (one-time fee per video).


Movie trailer video template - how to add attention-grabbing text?


As you’re creating your trailer, you want to avoid drowning out your message with visuals. This video project includes the right balance of on-screen dialog and dynamic animation; so that the viewer won’t get bored after the first few lines.


With quick cuts and detailed text animation, your dialog never gets old. It’s a proven technique to keep your audience tuned in for longer. All of this is important to translate an engaging storyline. For someone who’s never built a promo trailer, it can be challenging to piece together different scenes and maintain the continuity of the narrative.


Even if you have no clue where to start, our predefined template will guide you every step of the way. It provides the three ingredients you need to deliver a cinematic trailer that delights the eyeballs and drives conversions. These are production value, tone, and structured storytelling.


Different ways to use text movie trailer


Get this design for your documentary, product launch, business promotion campaign, podcast, or YouTube channel. Give the audience a sneak peek of what’s coming to build anticipation, curiosity, and excitement. So now you’re wondering how long your trailer should be?


While any trailer under 2 minutes, 30 seconds is OK, it’s better to keep it sweet and brief. Let’s dig a little deeper to define what a well-done promo trailer should include. We’ve provided high-quality visuals to keep their eyes glued to the screen. Following industry-standard, this template has adopted the three-act model.


It organizes your trailer into three parts: the setting, conflict, and resolution. Remember to incorporate a compelling CTA with text animation (a cliffhanger), preferably before the ending. With it, you can easily use text to support visual cues in your story.


Simple movie trailer video - want high returns on a tiny budget?


If your film has high-quality material, viewers will flock to your trailer. How can you ensure this happens? Well, incredible special effects, your best characters, memorable scenes, and easy-to-follow content are golden. Did you know an audience deconstructs trailers down to the typography to rate if it’s praiseworthy or not?


That means you can’t take any chances. Fortunately, you can use apps like our trailer maker to put in quality modern fonts that are visually appealing and premium. Moreover, our movie trailer maker features advanced auto-rendering technology to generate clean, crisp films - deserving of likes, follows, and shares. No installation is required; launch our app right on your web browser any time you like.


Just getting your feet wet in the movie-making business or want to promote a film festival project? Our toolkit empowers all users, no matter your skill level or budget. We have flexible payment plans available. Create film projects as frequently as you wish without a substantial investment but don’t take my word for it.


Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription and take advantage of limitless project downloads, premium features, and more.

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