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This beautifully designed template is excellent for making a beautiful slideshow video for advertising a business or event. With nine different photo filters implemented into this template, you can achieve the colors and tone you need.

Our real estate video maker is great for creating advertisement videos for promoting a real estate company or agency. But it can also be used for producing a professional video for other types of companies and corporations.

Why choose a photo slideshow for your ad or real estate presentation?

In some cases, the best ad is the one that is created simple. The template has nine different photo filters to provide options for customers when trying to match the theme or tone of an event or product.

So if you're looking for a pretty simple slideshow with some photo filters, effects and text, you're in the right place and have chosen the right template to do so. You can produce a cool-looking photo slideshow video for your marketing or a great demo for your followers.

If you have a real estate agency, this template will suit you for sure. With beautiful property pictures, some informative text, and matching background music, you will make an impressive presentation for your potential customers.

With a choice of photo filters, you can easily pair this photo slideshow with any weather conditions or the overall environment of the property.

Are cheap explainer videos worth getting?

Producing a video on our website doesn't cost a lot of money. Still, you're going to end up with a pro-looking video that works for any web or TV ad. The reason why our prices stay low for such high-quality videos is that a computer and not humans do the job of animating and rendering.

The servers we have can do everything in a much faster way with our video editor than any team of professionals. That's why prices for such amazing videos are low. We also offer a monthly subscription to anyone interested in creating more than one HD video or plan to make money by re-selling videos somewhere else. 

How can we use our online video editor to make a real estate photo slideshow?

The interface of our tool is straightforward and easy to understand. When you click the button above, you'll end up in the area where you'll have to edit the template with your materials and text. Here you will upload 12 images, or video footage, into each scene to insert two lines of text.

In the last scene, you need to add your logo file in png format (the background needs to be transparent), and the last thing to do is pick music from our free library or upload your own.

After it's all done, you can produce a sample of low-quality video to review and make sure there's no misspelling, correct images are uploaded, and you picked the perfect photo filter for them.

If you're happy with the result of the sample video, you can now buy an HD quality one to use for advertising or presentation. You can do that by paying a one-off fee or buying our monthly subscription.

After the payment goes through, a video editor will render an HD video and an option to download the file in mp4 format. If you need a different format file in your video, do send us an email with the request.

Create a photo slideshow for yourself and we promise you won't be disappointed with the result. We also hope to see you again on our site for more video production.
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