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As you can see from the sample video, you can use our picture video maker to create video content for various fields/sectors such as sports, among others.

Therefore, if all you seek is a template that will help you create various videos, try out ours, and I assure you that you will not be disappointed at all.


With our slideshow creator, you can create spectacular videos with a duration of up to 50 seconds. Moreover, our template has space to insert up to 22 video clips, 16 text lines, and even a logo image.

The short length of the videos you create using our photo slideshow maker with music and the fact that you have various contents that you can insert as part of your videos makes our template the best to use for video creation.


Why choose our online slideshow maker


We give you an option to resell our videos. If you are interested in reselling our videos, all you have to do is email us to mark your account as a reseller. This will ensure that all the videos that you create using our template have no logos.

Your clients will, therefore, have no idea where the videos came from. Once your customers like the free test video, they will pay you, and you can then purchase the videos from us.


The cost of creating videos from our online photo to video maker is quite low, and you will, therefore, make a decent amount of profit once you resell the videos. You can, therefore, make something great out of our reselling program.


It is free to create low-resolution videos with watermarks. The videos will help you check for errors and correct them before producing the Full HD videos. The price you see above is a one-time payment for the Full HD video.


How to create videos using our photo video maker with song


Our photo video app is effortless to create professional and remarkable videos with pictures and music. You get to produce high-quality videos using the best video templates there are. Just click the above button and customize this template. Get started now free of charge.


The template window will open up, and you will have full access to the options available on our template. Replace the existing content with your own and change the graphics and themes to match your video content.


Add a music track to the video either from the stock available on our template or upload one from your computer. You can then produce a free test video to check for errors in your video.

Once you are confident that everything is okay, go ahead and produce the Full HD video. Only a small fee payment will be required for the video to be produced in Full HD.

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