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Make Neon Stroke Logo Reveal Video with After Effects template

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Tips about logo reveal you can't afford to miss


Do you need a high-quality intro for your marketing videos? With the best business intro maker on the market, you can turn ordinary images and footage into an introduction. Choose a ready-to-use video template like this one, customize the graphics, and add personalized branding.


If you watch this logo animation reveal preview to the end, you'll see that it's ideal for company introduction. Not feeling this design? That's OK.


You can sample a few designs until you find one that suits your brand perfectly. After editing this project, you can save, share or download a high-resolution copy (Mp4 format, no watermark). If you become a premium user, you can order unlimited copies and save money per video download.


Instant video maker - dynamic stroke logo design


Our cloud-powered video editor uses simple drag-and-drop functionality and auto-render to automate processing. Sign up now to start making custom business commercials for your video branding or marketing campaign. This new video project lets you animate the letters of your logo with neon stroke special effects.


Just tap edit to open the composition folder and make the changes you want. You'll see step-by-step directions on the dashboard to guide you as you progress. Get 10 seconds playback with dynamic visuals, a catchy tagline, on-brand logo animation, and music.


Import pre-recorded footage and images from your local storage (computer or connected device) into the template. You can modify select background elements as well. If you wish to remove parts of the intro, you can request our custom video service or use another software to do advanced edits. You'll have to download the animated video and export it for further modification.


The art of simplifying complex concepts: logo intro animation storytelling


Tell stories that define your brand authentically with animated elements to evoke an emotional response. Get them to empathize and connect with your brand. Using real-world scenarios to present your ideas, you can argue your points and break down concepts.


You may have a few key messages you want to leave with your audience. Storytelling allows you to be transparent, truthful, authentic, and honest in your communication. Feel free to use unique animation, illustrations, icons, and expressive design elements to emphasize your main points.


Let's dig a little deeper to understand why working from a predefined template is better. Ideally, it helps you organize your assets neatly to achieve a well-structured commercial that flows well and has a consistent design. Plus, it sets boundaries to ensure you keep your text brief and concise. That way, viewers won't suffer information overload, get bored or leave prematurely.


What is the role of this neon logo reveal animation?


Logo animation, otherwise called a brand mascot, is a core component of your visual identity. The thing is, today's market thrives on fresh, innovative concepts and digital technologies drive constant design evolution. Brands must also stay abreast of these trends to remain relevant as consumer preferences evolve.


So, yes, investing in a well-designed template like this neon logo intro video is a step in the right direction. Perfect your storytelling skills and demonstrate exemplary professionalism with innovative design trends. Animated intros can help your company increase brand awareness, make a positive, memorable first impression and get the audience emotionally invested in your production. Plus, it brings uniqueness, flair, and an idyllic brand personality to your logo.


Originality is highly encouraged when incorporating recognition elements that add differential value to your logo design. Every motion should be intentional and have meaning; otherwise, it's pointless. So use this opportunity to leave your audience with an unexpected reveal, perhaps hinting an upcoming product release will do.




The popularity of logo reveal After Effects templates today is not surprising at all. Both emerging startups and established ones use this tool to be more efficient at creating professional business videos. Foremost, this option is inexpensive, you can always meet deadlines, there are no queues, and you get the last say.


When staging your logo reveal, you have total creative freedom to make a spectacle of the occasion in style. Although each template has a fixed layout, this won't inhibit your creativity. But don't just take my word for it; customize one of our video projects now to see how easy this can be.


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