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Make Simple Movie Trailer Video with After Effects Template

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Everything you wanted to know about creating a money-making movie trailer online


Movie trailers highlight the best scenes and characters of a film. The success of any film premiere hinges on how action-charged, fun, exciting, and thought-provoking the preview is. Do you want to learn how to make a movie trailer that captures your audience in seconds?


There are three essential elements every film project needs to achieve commercial success. It needs dramatic sound effects, rhythm (three-act structure editing), and outstanding performances. Guess what? The animated template above has everything set up for you; you need a punchy dialog and pre-recorded footage.


Our luminous electromagnetic lines After Effects template is ideal for sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, thriller, horror, and even some action subgenres. With it, you can produce a jaw-dropping trailer in minutes for your upcoming film release. You can shrink your advertising campaign budget if you learn to make a movie trailer with our online editing app.


Find out how easy film editing can be with this electromagnetic luminous lines AE template!


How do you start? Tap edit to replace the presets with excerpts from your movie. It lets you insert 12 clips or photos, your logo image (1), and text (17 lines). Our video creator can deliver a 35 seconds preview ready for publication in as little as 30 minutes.


With its precision-rendering feature, it’s faster than any in-house animator. If you find film editing and animation tedious, this can lessen your workload. It will also improve the overall quality of your compositions.

Do you want more action? Browse our virtual gallery to find a theme that suits your project. We have a vast collection of templates waiting for you. 


How to make a simple movie trailer look expensive


It’s a shame low-budget movie trailers have achieved notoriety for mediocre compositions. Let me explain how you can structure your trailer like a big-budget production. The magic begins with a well-designed animated template just like the one you see here.


Not a film graduate? That’s OK. You can still create a decent motion picture with impressive text effects. Let’s admit, nothing about making movie trailers is simple, although automation makes it seem that way. Here are some tips to help you formulate a better script. 


  • Give hints about the plot without spoiling the experience for the intended audience.

  • Keep your scenes short.


  • Animate your title. Also, include it at the beginning and end of your trailer.


  • Add a memorable animated logo.


  • Have an exciting opening scene.


  • Leave your audience in suspense and anxious to watch your premiere.


What is the most valuable asset to focus on when learning how to make a movie trailer online?


Originality is the most valuable quality to leverage when promoting a movie. A cleverly constructed movie trailer can convince anyone to watch it. However, viewers won’t stick around if your narrative lacks originality and purpose.


Many people prejudge films based on the trailer. So, your top priority should be to organize a neatly packaged trailer for your audience. A creator can quickly add special effects and unique design elements to make a trailer feel brand new with ready-made animated templates.


You can also use an entirely different theme if you wish. Check out our movie trailers and titles category for more options. Customization only takes a few minutes, and our quick-processing video creator will have your trailer ready for immediate distribution.




Have you been searching for a cost-effective movie trailer editor? Look no further! Our online software cuts and structures video scenes together neatly. You don’t have to study the complex theories of filmmaking. With our professionally sequenced animated templates, you can design trailers like a pro.

We know video content can boost conversions, increase engagement and improve your bottom line. But don’t take my word for it; check the statistics. Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription to access the best resources for filmmaking today!

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