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Make Animated Movie Trailer Video with After Effects template

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Congratulations! Here’s how to make your movie trailers relevant


American film producers have been using trailers to promote future premieres in theaters since the '90s. Nils Granlund created the first-ever short film to advertise a Broadway musical back in 1913. Today, film marketing thrives on these short excerpts. It's at the heart of modern advertising campaigns because of how effectively they persuade the audience.


Much has changed since the birth of the trend to make new-age trailers commercially successful. A lot of work goes into producing these short films. The essence of creating them is to play on human emotions and encourage them to watch your movies.


Do you want to learn how to build trailers that provide instant gratification? After all, we need to tailor advertising to satisfy our growing audience with an ever-declining attention span. How else will we quench their insatiable appetite for instant gratification?


What is the fastest way to edit a movie for film marketing and promotion?


Some boutique film houses don’t have the luxury of a large advertising budget for movie releases. For that reason, their premieres don’t get a lot of support. Film editing often requires creative skills and technical know-how.


You probably have an in-house editor, creative director, and animator managing your project at the moment. Or perhaps you outsource the job to an agency or specialist. Is your movie business failing because of a low-performing ad campaign? The best thing you can learn is how to make an animated movie trailer for successful film marketing.


Discover how simple creating movie trailers can be with our precision-rendering video animator. Let me explain what such innovations can do for your startup. The essence of adopting this model is to speed up delivery, improve product quality, and scale revenue.


Bring more attention to your movies with this universe space-shattering text AE template!


No matter your budget, our software enables you to produce your final cut in minutes. You only need to replace the editable presets you see on the templates with raw footage (4 video clips) or images, your logo (1), music, and text (19 lines). A trailer like this delivers 1 minute, 1 second of playable footage.


Automation in filmmaking helps you achieve your bottom line faster. Technological breakthroughs also help indie film creators produce trailers that meet industry standards and appeal to different demographics. With templates, it’s possible to create film trailers that are visually attractive, interactive, and consumable.


  • Merge scenes for a seamless transition.


  • Improve clarity of flashback scenes.


  • Diversify your compositions to give hints about the most memorable scenes.


  • Add a powerful soundtrack with impressive audio effects to match your movie.


How to get movie trailers for your website on a tight budget?


Do you have an online streamer for your indie films? You're obviously in this business to make money; our movie trailer generator can help you do just that. With it, customizing animated templates for film promotion is quick, scalable, and profitable. It takes only 30 minutes to create a trailer for any film.


Browse our virtual library to find more movie trailers and titles like our universe space-shattering text AE template. The skillful hands behind these designs are proficient animators, digital marketing gurus, and motion graphics experts. You can’t find a cheaper alternative to this.


Quit relying on external talents and learn how to make a YouTube trailer in minutes. It’s the most cost-efficient solution to cut your movie promotion budget. Become a more competent film trailer creator with our unlimited monthly subscription. It lets you access tons of exclusive templates, premium audio tracks, footage, images, and illustrations.

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