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Make Sparks Flying Movie Trailer Video with After Effects template

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Using effective trailer title strategies to make promo videos on your iPhone like the pros


Have you found yourself struggling to win over viewers with your visual tidbits? In today's social media age, filmmakers are racing against time to put the news about their upcoming movies out there. Are you advertising a new feature film? It's no longer difficult and expensive to build promo trailers for your premiere.


Interestingly, you don't even need high-end equipment to do manual post-production work anymore. With sophisticated digital After Effects (AE) templates, you can create a decent promo trailer on your desktop or smartphone. Do you like this Flame Burning AE template?


Fantastic! Sparks flying, fiery flame burning; this customizable AE project title lets you animate any footage with detailed special effects. It has a built-in video processing software that enables it to merge scenes quickly and seamlessly. Follow these steps to make a professional movie trailer on your iPhone.


How to create a movie promo trailer on your iPhone


It's not as complicated as you think. Just choose your favorite designer-made template, and you're on your way. Press the button below the video preview to launch the built-in editor and customize the placeholder layers. Upload a high-quality logo image and text (11 lines).


Let me tell you something about choosing a soundtrack for your video. Music is an essential feature for your trailer because it helps set the mood. So take a moment to consider your options to ensure your preferred soundtrack complements the movie genre and visuals. You may add audio tracks of your own or search our library for stock options.


Import saved media from your iPhone into our video maker app for quick customization. Start processing your footage to make a promotional trailer immediately after filming. That way, you can launch your promotion campaign quickly and generate a fan base for your new trailer before opening night.


Clean cinematic trailer title animation


What's one dead giveaway that tells the audience an amateur created the trailer? Unimpressive, unprofessional typography. Don't look anywhere else but our platform for unique designer-made stock assets to make studio-quality trailers.


Let me show you how to attract more viewers. Using our simple, powerful video maker app for iPhone, you can design gorgeous titles to enhance the viewing experience. We know how difficult it is to pair fonts together creatively and tastefully. Look to our customized text styles to draw inspiration for refined font combinations.


Create stylized titles for your trailer in record time. Add details and text layers to complement your unique brand features. Have you always wanted to use 3D animation? With our editable AE templates, no design is out of reach. Plus, this technique requires zero effort and design skills to learn how to make a movie trailer on your iPhone.


Save your video after making a movie intro with our iPhone trailer app!


Create and save as many projects as you want because we offer unlimited cloud storage. Moreover, you can even make minor changes to your trailer later or repurpose parts of it for a new marketing campaign. Our iPhone trailer creator has an easy-to-use interface and advanced After Effects features that let you turn simple videos into spectacular motion pictures.


Preview your trailers before downloading the final cut. Premium subscribers can download an unlimited number of projects in full HD. Plus, these videos don't have watermark branding like the low-resolution version.


Instantly embed and share your iPhone cinematic trailer across various social media channels directly from our platform. You wish you had made the transition sooner; I know the feeling. But, guess what, it's better late than never.




A well-done movie trailer will make your brand famous on YouTube and wherever you publish your videos. Investors will show interest in your work as well. If you want to generate a buzz on social media and get your views up, this is how you do it.


Are you looking for partners, investors, and sponsors to finance your next project? You can't go wrong if you showcase your skills through this medium. Trailers can be incredibly persuasive if you include peerless motion graphics, true-to-life storytelling, and interactive animation that entices the audience. By watching this excerpt, your audience will gain insight into the film's plot development to form realistic expectations about your movie.


You'll find the design process less demanding and cumbersome when you're using pre-animated AE project files. Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription to unlock more incredible features, including our newly released exclusives.

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