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Make Movie Trailer Video Online with Adobe After Effects template

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Try this if you find making a movie teaser trailer in After Effects too tedious!


So you’ve just completed another film project, congratulations! Now it’s time to get some exposure (market your movie). Whether you’re an established label or not, film promotion is an essential step to put your project on the world stage.


The ideal marketing model for advertising your film is a promo trailer. A lot of creative work goes into the development process. Filmmakers usually call on specialized professionals or agencies for their expertise, but now there’s Adobe After Effects.


It’s an industry-standard digital video editor used for integrating composite elements, motion graphics, and visual effects. Today, it’s a staple post-production tool in the movie-making landscape. Have you ever wondered why? I’ll discuss the opportunities and possibilities learning how to make a movie trailer in After Effects brings to the table.


Here’s a space movie title AE template created with Adobe After Effects!


One word, magnificent! It’s customizable, you know. Do you have zero video editing or creative motion graphics skills? That’s OK. Our animators did the legwork to make things easier for you.


This template now needs your high-resolution branded logo image, text (25 lines), and film footage (12 video clips). There’s a slot for music too. Want to use photos? You can!


How long will it take to edit and polish your project? Just 30 minutes. Incredible, right? No human can top this speed. You’ll get a perfect final cut, with an estimated runtime of only 57 seconds.


Learn how to make a movie trailer with Adobe After Effects


You’ve spent the better part of your career honing your skills as a well-traveled motion designer but find yourself using Adobe AE templates. What’s the deal? Adding stylized footage layers and composite elements to a video can be a drag. Not to mention the dedicated hours spent compositing rough edits and constructing 3D animation.


So, I’m sure I cleared up any confusion there. While it’s not ideal for editing footage from scratch, it does an excellent job polishing pre-rendered video files. Now let me tell you why animated templates are a big hit among creators around the globe. The thing is, there is not enough time in a day to craft high-impact designs when racing against a deadline.


Automation takes things up a notch, and using an AE project file to animate pre-recorded videos is an example of how effective this can be. With it, creative design processing is quicker and less complicated. Let me explain how this improves productivity in the context of making movie trailers.


Things to consider when making a movie trailer with Adobe After Effects


The goal of every indie film producer is to attract investors and build an audience (even if you’re a breakout label). Or perhaps you’re a breakthrough amateur trying to make a name for yourself while in film school. Investing in ready-made animation products like our space movie trailer template is a solid foundation to advance your film career.


You know how time-sensitive film projects can be, whether you’re doing it for personal gains or to attract potential clients. Here is what you should know about using AE animated templates to automate your video design process. In today’s media-saturated market, a trailer speaks volumes and shows what you can achieve on your own.


What can you do to make ordinary pre-recorded footage and shots of your film look expensive? Choose some of the best scenes to highlight (preferably a compelling opening story that triggers our emotions). Introduce the most hated/loved characters, action scenes, conflict, and resolution.


Using After Effects template for different types of movie trailers


Trailers have different approaches: scripted, classic, or unscripted. How you pitch your trailer depends on what you’re trying to achieve. Albeit, the principles of storytelling and marketing stay pretty consistent across the board.


Everything is already in place with an AE project file. It lets you effortlessly integrate media such as sound effects, music, voice-over recordings, animation, text enhancements, and more. Maybe learning AE techniques is more complicated to master than anticipated, but this shouldn’t kill all aspirations to make an epic trailer.


You don’t have to forget about giving your trailer the epic transformation it deserves. Get quick results with an animated After Effects template. One more thing, remember, you’re not creating a mini-movie; it’s a trailer, so don’t share everything. You can hint at a possible ending to start a discussion.


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