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Create Animated YouTube Intro Video with After Effects template

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Congratulations! You've cracked the code! How to make an intro for YouTube channel success


What can you do to get more impressions on your YouTube channel? Is your brand a fresh face? It will take some time to build viewership on this crowded social media landscape. Before you do anything, analyze your channel to understand what areas need improvements and assess the overall performance of your videos.


Have you ever made introductions for your videos that failed to deliver steady leads? I’m not just talking about the first time you published content on the platform. Intros are an essential brand marketing tool to raise awareness, let viewers know your intentions, and explain what your company does.


Furthermore, it helps your brand establish a digital identity, demonstrate professionalism and announce new developments. YouTube video intros increase your chance of discovery. Do you want to learn how to make an intro video for your YouTube channel without starting from scratch?


How to make an intro video for YouTube on your computer?


The best feature of our online video creator is that it can deliver a captivating studio-quality YouTube opener in minutes. OK, I know what you're thinking: does this cost a lot of money? Surprisingly, this won’t cost you a dime unless you download an HD copy, which, of course, looks incredible.


It’s the kind of content production you want your audience to see. So pick a pre-animated template from our logo animation and intro category to get started. Once you do that, it’ll launch the online editor, and you can upload your imported media files for quick processing.


For this specific video project, insert your branded logo image (1) and a single-line text. Load these files onto the editable layers to replace the template presets. Although this is a super short intro (7 seconds), you can give it a personalized touch by adding music, photos, illustrations, and footage.


Learn how to create a YouTube intro that drives engagement and boosts online visibility


Create new video intros for your channel or tweak an existing project within a matter of minutes. Our ready-to-edit AE templates include preloaded composition files for animations, text expressions, and modern typography. Use it to generate a sizzling intro video that’ll impress soon-to-be-subscribers and create opportunities for partnership deals.


Let me explain the top three best practices to emulate when creating crafty business commercials for your YouTube audience. You need this, especially if you lack prior editing or design experience. Here we go:


  • Style consistency. Every video you post should have a similar look and feel. That way, your loyal subscribers and even the fair-weather followers can always identify your brand no matter what changes you make. Remember to choose colors, uniformed typography, illustrations, and animated logo expressions that go well with your brand theme.


  • Self-introductions should be clear, concise, and brief. Lucky for you, this video editor is an all-around helper. With it, you can trim your recordings down to the perfect bite-size. The ideal YouTube intro is under 15 seconds; I believe that’s ample time to share your profound brand story, engage, hook, and convert viewers to subscribers.


  • Put your stamp on it. If you create thought-provoking content, people will pass it forward, so remember to include your animated brand logo. That way, you’ll gain recognition as you earn more subscribers and people start sharing your videos across social media.




You don’t have to fork out money to pay for video projects anymore because there’s an automated option. In short, I’m saying you can cut your video marketing expenses right now and still achieve your business advertising goals. Rest assured, our intro video maker can create videos in any style you wish.


Want to advertise your business on YouTube, increase customer engagement, boost sales conversions, build brand image, and beat the competition? Learning how to create intro videos has never been this accessible. It won’t cost you anything upfront to find a template to generate a business logo intro video.


It’s a cost-friendly business branding solution that any startup or budding online marketer can afford. Every user has access to a limited range of resources. You can also purchase our unlimited monthly subscription to unlock insane premium features.

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