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Make Multi Photo Logo Intro Video with After Effects template

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Let's talk about making logo intro commercials - the easy way!


Video marketing offers flexible advertising options for brands and businesses looking to get their names out there. It's also economically feasible for all types of ventures, no matter the size of the enterprise. Some top trends are helping brands get noticed in B2B video advertising, TikTok ads, LinkedIn explainers, Instagram promos, and YouTube shorts.


Getting your content to market at social media speed can be challenging if you go the agency route. Have you ever wondered why many creators are turning to automation? OK, I know what you are thinking: it quickens some tasks.

You're partially correct, but it does much more than speed up the process. I’ll tell you more about the advantages. Before I share the juicy details, look at this multi-photo logo intro video After Effects template. Do you like what you see? Tap the screen to customize it and make a photo story slideshow in minutes with our built-in logo animation software.


Get your brand noticed every time this picture card flips and reveals your logo!


Introduce your brand in modern style with this professional collage-inspired visualizeIt'st’s a creative way to show off your logo design and build brand trust. Our skilled animators did an excellent job animating the video to make things easier for you. You can insert your images and start working on your slideshow immediately. 


Do you know anything about editing professionally animated AE templates? NThat'st’s alrighIt'st; it’s nothing technical. Experience full automation with our fast-rendering technology that allows you to complete any logo intro animation project in 30 minutes.


Let me explain how you can animate short intro videos for brand promotion anywherHere'se’s a perfect photo slideshow with only 13 seconds of footage. Replace the customizable presets with your best videos or images, brand logo (1), and text (1 line).


Create a multi-photo logo intro commercial to share your brand story


Share a profound brand story with a collection of photos that represent your company milestones. Highlight the remarkable achievements that mark the growth and development process. If you wish, you can use music to enhance the audiovisual experience. Don’t just add any music. Go for emotionally charged tracks that support your brand style and mood. Photos allow you to communicate your brand message concisely and quickly.


You can define milestones with each picture card flip that reveals your logo. Imagine the thslideshow'sw's impact on your audience if you add a compelling narrative that leaves no questions unanswered. If you like, you can personalize the text and colors to match your brand logo.


Get expensive video ads at a low cost!


Commercials can cost a lot if you hire a specialist or advertising firm. While some sources have a reputation for delivering compelling video commercialit'st’s not always the case. Moreover, it might take several revisions to get a perfect copy.


With our automated logo intro maker, you pay a fraction of what these experts charge to get instant results. Are you a provider of custom advertising solutions? Our designer toolkit is a worthwhile investment. It provides all the resources you need to fast-track your logo branding campaign and increase awareness.


The commercials you create will be too irresistible to ignore. Do you need new material for your logo branding campaign? Check out our media gallery for unique stock music, illustrations, video clips, animations, and more.




Small businesses deserve recognition too. Before the AE template revolution, micro-businesses could only dream of leveraging promotional videos for commercial gains. What sort of future are these ventures looking forward to now?

Let'st’s recap what has happened in the past decade to put small businesses back in the race. Technological breakthroughs in digital advertising solutions are improving every day. Now, creators can access powerful automation software like our built-in video animator to create ads faster than ever.

With it, these small stakeholders can yield lucrative returns from a modest investment and scale production sustainably. Are you looking for a simple method to reproduce high-quality video commercials consistently and economically? Try our ready-made templates! Purchase our unlimited monthly subscription for immediate access to our exclusive designs.



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