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Make 3d Logo Intro Video with professional After Effects template

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World-class tools like our 3D intro maker are changing how we do brand advertising!


Your brand logo is the face of your business. You want everyone - your consumers, investors, and even your competitors to see what your brand is bringing to the market. The most effective way to draw attention to your brand is with a compelling 3D logo intro visualizer.


Do you want to learn how to craft attention-grabbing designs that get your brand noticed? For instant logo animation, look no further because our market-leading intro video maker lets you turn any template into a masterpiece. What do you need to get started?


The pre-animated neon-themed template on display is up for grabs. Get your logo image (1) and text (1 line) ready. If you like, you can incorporate footage, music, and illustrations too. You’ll have a downloadable copy of your 30 seconds visualizer in less than 30 minutes.


Get inspired with this neon 3D logo design!


With a massive virtual gallery at your fingertips, you can easily find a unique template that fits your brand. Customization won’t take long with our intelligent 3D animation software. Swap out the presets with your media files to personalize your logo design.


It is a good idea to change the text fonts, colors, and texture of your three-dimensional logo to reflect your brand. Additionally, you can search our library for exclusive design elements to give your project some extra flair. Our handy logo intro creator can help you resize your content for easy integration on various social media channels.


Is your project incomplete? You can save your work and finish it later because our server stores unfinished projects for a limited time. Premium users have extended storage time and unlimited capacity.


Make a lasting first impression with this 3D logo reveal video!


Let me show you how a custom stroke logo can help your brand rise. Exclusivity is one of the things that make your brand easily recognizable. Imagine the buzz you can create with an entertaining logo intro trailer.


The background video has stunning visual effects designed by a global community of veteran motion graphics artists and animators. It enables you to compose intro trailers that look like scenes from a motion picture. What’s fascinating is that you can achieve this without creative design skills and motion animation expertise.


Rest assured, your intro segments will have perfect tonality, crisp sound, accurate color themes, and well-organized frames. It won’t be long before your brand starts trending on social media. Finish your promotional brand intros in record time for immediate publication on the web.


Here’s the perfect 3D neon logo to build your brand identity online


As the auto-play trend becomes more prevalent across social media communities, there’s something extraordinary happening. Brands are still imprinting on their audience while their content is on mute. How are they doing this? Awesome animation!


With a 3D logo After Effects template, you can animate any dull advertisement and create content your audience craves. Give your brand logo a modern update with three-dimensional graphics that shows off its uniqueness from all angles. Get a consistent logo design for all your videos and use custom animated transitions for seamless scrolling between slides.


Provide a well-thought-out overview to let viewers know what they will be watching. If you do this, you’ll get more people to watch the whole presentation. Our neon YouTube logo theme has a clean, sleek, professional design.




Don’t start on an empty canvas. Add any customizable template you like and use our online 3D logo animation maker to compose motion pictures at an impressive speed. Browse our enormous media gallery to find exclusive illustrations, footage, and images for your project.


All these extras come at no cost to you if you purchase our unlimited monthly subscription. As a premium user, you’re eligible for lifetime commercial reproduction with no copyright or licensing restrictions. But don't just take my word for it; subscribe now and discover the benefits we have in store for you.


Are you ready to make your intro video? Tap edit to begin customizing the logo template you like. No fancy, expensive software to install; you do all your editing online.

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